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______________ is the prophet and founder of Islam MUHAMMAD
The two most holy cities for Islam, located on the Arabian peninsula are... MECCA and MEDINA
The holy book of Muslims (followers of Islam) QUR'AN (or KORAN)
Muslims are expected to follow the... FIVE PILLARS
Muslims accept the Judeo-Christian _______________ including Jesus and Moses PROPHETS
Islam experienced diffusion along trade routes from Mecca and ... MEDINA
Islam spread and had a vast empire despite great distances, mountains and dry, empty ______________ environments. DESERT
Islam spread easily due to the weakening of the ______________ and ___________ Empires BYZANTINE and PERSIAN
The language of the Islamic Empire was... ARABIC
With the death of the caliph Ali, there was a division of followers: the ____________ and the ____________ SUNNIS and SHI'A
_______________ believe that the caliph can be any devout Muslim. SUNNI
_______________ believe that the caliph must be a descendant of Muhammad. SHI'A
The Muslims conquered Jerusalem in Palestine and ____________, in Syria DAMASCUS
The Islamic capital was eventually moved to ____________ in present-day, Iraq BAGHDAD
Baghdad fell to the ... MONGOLS
Muslims were defeated by Charles Martel at the Battle of ______, which ended Muslim invasion into Europe. TOURS
The _____________________ is a Muslim mosque located on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. DOME OF THE ROCK
Arabic numbers were adapted from _____________ and included zero INDIA
Muslim mathematicians developed ______________. ALGEBRA
Muslim doctors contributed to the field of ___________. MEDICINE
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