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Selected Word Roots

Selected Word Roots for Medical Terminology

abdomin abdomen
aden Gland
Adren / adrenal Adrenal gland
Aer Air; oxygen; gas
Alveol alveolus
angi (Blood) vessel; (lymph) vessel
ankyl Crooked; stiff; bent
appendic appendix
arteri, arter artery
arteriol arteriole (small artery)
atrhr joint
ather Yellowish; fatty plaque
Aur ear
aut self
bil Bile
Bio life
Blephar Eyelid
Bronch airway; bronchus
burs bursa
carcin cancer
Cardi Heart
caud Tail; toward lower part of the body
caus burning sensation; capable of burning
cephal Head
Cerebell Cerebellum
Cerebr Cerebrum; brain
cervic neck; cervix
cheil lip
Chiro Hand
cholangi bile duct
chole gall; bile
chondr Cartilage
coccyg Coccyx; tailbone
col colon; large intestine
conjunctiv conjunctiva
corne cornea
coron heart; crown of head
cost rib
crani cranium; skull
cusp point; cusp
cutane skin
cyan blue
cyst bladder; sac
cyt, cyte Cell
dacry tears; tear duct
dactyl fingers or toes
dent tooth
derm skin
dermat skin
dipl two; double
diverticul diverticulum
dors back (of the body)
duoden duodenum
ectop located away from usual place
edema swelling
electr electricity; electrical activity
encephal brain
endocrin endocrine
enter Intestines (usually small intestine)
epiglott epiglottis
epitheli epithelium
erythr red
esophag esophagus
esthesi sensation; feeling; sensitivity
eti cause (of disease)
exocrin secrete out of
faci face
fasci fascia; fibrous band
flexion bending
fract break; broken
galact milk
gastr stomach
genital pertaining to birth
ger old age; aged
geront old age; aged
gingiv gums
glauc gray
gloss tongue
gluc Sweetness; sugar
glyc sugar; glucose
glycos sugar; glucose
gnos knowledge; a knowing
gonad gonad; sex glands
gyn woman
gynec woman
gyr turning; folding
hem blood
hemat blood
hepat liver
hidr swea
hist tissue
hom same
home sameness; unchanging
hydr water
hyster uterus
ile ileum
ili ilium
immun Immune
irid iris
kerat horny tissue; hard
kin movement
kinesi movement; motion
labi lips
lacrim tear duct;tear
lact milk
lapar abdomen
laryng larynx
later side
lei smooth
leuk white
lingu tongue
lip fat
lith stone; calculus
lob lobe
lumb lumbar; loin region
Lymph lymph
macr abnormal largeness
mamm breast
mast breast
Meat opening of passageway
mediastin mediastinum
melan black
men menstruation
mening meninges
ment mind
mes, meso middle
metr uterus
mon one
morbid disease; sickness
muc mucus
my, myos muscle
myc fungus
myel bone marrow; spinal cord
myelon bone marrow
myring eardrum
narc stupor; numbness
nas nose
nat birth
necr death (cells; body)
nephr kidney
neur nerve
noct night
nyct night
nyctal night
ocul eye
onc tumor
onych nail
oophor ovary
Ophthalm eye
or mouth
orth straight
oste bone
ot ear
ox oxygen
palpat touch; feel; stroke
pancreat pancreas
par, part bear; give birth to; labor
parathyroid Parathyroid
path disease; suffering
pector chest; muscle
ped child; foot
pelv pelvis; pelvic bone
pen penis
perine perineum
peritone peritoneum
petr stone; portion of temporal bone
Pham, phak lens of the eye
phag eat; swallow
phalang finger or toe bone
pharyng pharynx, throat
phas speech
phleb vein
phot light
phren mind
physi nature
pleur pleura
pneum lung; air
pneumat lung; air
pneumon lung; air
pod foot
poli gray matter
polyp polyp; small growth
poster back (of body)
prim first
proct rectum
pseud fake; false
psych mind
pulmon lung
py pus
pyel renal pelvis
pylor pylorus
pyr fever; heat
quadr four
rect rectum
ren kidney
retin retina
rhin Nose
sacr sacrum
salping fallopian (uterine) tube
sanit soundness; health
sarc flesh; connective tissue
scler sclera; white of eye; hard
scoli Crooked; curved
seb sebum; oil
seps infection
sept infection; partition; septum
sial saliva
somat body
somn sleep
son sound
sopor sleep
sperm sperm, spermatozoa, seed
spermat sperm, spermatozoa, seed
spher round; sphere; ball
sphygm pulse
spin spine; backbone to
spir breathe
splen spleen
spondyl Vertebrae; spinal or vertebral column
staphyl grapelike clusters
stern (breastbone)
steth chest (muscles)
stoma mouth; opening
stomat mouth;opening
strab squint; squint-eyed
synovi synovial; synovial membrane
system system
ten, tend tendon
tendin tendon
tens, tensi pressure, force, stretching
test testis; testicle
therm heat
thorac thorax; chest
thromb clot
thym thymus gland; soul
thyr thyroid gland
thyroid thyroid gland
tom cut; section
ton tension; pressure
tone to stretch
tonsill tonsils
top place; position; location
tox, toxic poison; poisonous
trach, trache trachea, windpipe
trachel neck; necklike
trich hair
tubercul little knot; swelling
tympan eardrum; middle ear
ulcer sore; ulcer
ungu nail
ur urine; urinary tract
ureter ureter
urethr urethra
uria urination; urine
urin urine or urinary organs
uter uterus
uvul uvula; little grape
vagin vagina
valv valve
valvul valve
vas vessel; duct
vascul blood vessel; little vessel
ven Vein
versicul seminal vesicles; blister
vertebr vertebra; backbone
vesic urinary bladder
vir poison; virus
viril masculine; manly
vis seeing; sight
visc sticky
viscer viscera; internal organsm
viscos sticky
vit life
xanth yellow
xen strange; foreign
xer dry
zygot joined together
Created by: lhowrie
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