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Male Urology

Male Urology/Reproductive Systems

Urology Male Reproductive system shares structures with both the urinary tract and reproductive system.
PYEL/O Renal Pelvis - Pyelo (pelvis) A series of tubes that funnel urine out of the kidneys and into the ureters and on to the bladder
UR/O, URIN/O Urine
LITH/O Stones (Accumulations of mineral salts & calcium) "little rocks"
URETHR/O Urethra - Tube connecting bladder to outside world
URETER/O Ureter - thick walled tubes carrying urine from kidneys to bladder
MEAT/O Meatus (to go through; opening)
BALAN/O Penis "Acorn"
EPIDIDYM/O Epididymis - Oblong organ sitting on top of each testicle, where sperm cells complete final level of development and are stored. (Didymis = twins) Literally: "upon the twins"
PROSTAT/O Prostate - pro (before) - state (stand) Literally: "the one that stands before or in front of;"
ANURIA (an-YUR-ee-ah) Lack of unination
CYSTALGIA/CYSTODYNIA Pain in bladder sis-TAL-jah. SIS-toh-DAI-nee-ah.
DYSURIA (dis-YUR-ee-ah) Painful urination
ENURESIS (EN-yur-EE-sis) Involuntary urination (to urinate)
INCONTINENCE Inability to control urination
OLIGURIA (aw-lih-GYIR-ee-ah) Low urine output OLIG (few) / UR (urine) / IA (condition)
URETERALGIA (yur-EE-ter-AL-jah) Pain in ureter
URETHRODYNIA (yoo-REE-throh-DAI-nee-ah) Pain in urethra
URETHRORRHEA (yoo-REE-throh-REE-ah) Discharge from urethra
URODYNIA (YUR-oh-DAI-nee-ah) Painful urination
ORCHIALGIA, ORCHIODYNIA Testicle pain OR-kee-AL-jah. OR-kee-oh-DIH-nee-ah.
PRIAPISM (PREE-ap-izm) Persistent and painful erection
ALBUMINURIA (al-byoo-mih-NUR-ee-ah) Protein in urine (albumin) Protein (Ur) Urine
AZOTEMIA (AZ-oh-TEE-mee-ah) Azot (Nitrogen) /Emia (Blood condition)
GLUCOSURIA, GLYCOSURIA Sugar in urine GLOO-koh-shur-EE-ah. GLAI-koh-shur-EE-ah.
DIPSOGENIC (DIP-soh-JIN-ik) thirst (dipso) / Creation (genic)
HYPERKALEMIA (HAI-per-kah-LEE-mee-ah) Excessive potassium in blood
HYPONATREMIA (HAI-poh-nah-TREE-mee-ah) Low (hypo) / sodium (natr) / in blood (emia)
MEATAL STENOSIS (mee-AY-tal steh-NOH-sis) Narrowing of opening of the urethra
RETROGRADE PYELOGRAM (REH-troh-grayd PAI-el-oh-GRAM) Image of renal pelvis produced via injecting contrast dye from bladder to kidney. RETRO (backward) / GRADE PYELO (walk pelvis) / GRAM (record)
DIURESIS (DAI-yur-EE-sis) Excessive (Di) / Urination (Uresis)
UROPOIESIS (YUR-oh-poh-EE-sis) URO (Urine) / POESIS (Formation) - Formation of urine
ANORCHIDISM (an-OR-kih-DIZ-um) Without a testicle - AN (no) ORCHID (testicle) ISM (condition)
ASPERMIA (ay-SPER-mee-uh) Condition characterized by lack of sperm. A (no) / SPERM / IA (condition)
AZOOSPERMIA (ay-ZOH-aw-SPER-mee-uh) Condition characterized by lack of LIVING sperm. A (no) / ZOO (living) / SPERM / IA
CRYPTORCHIDISM (Krip-TOR-kih-DIZ-um) CRYPT (Hidden) / ORCHIDO (Testicle) / ISM (Condition) Hidden testicle
UROXANTHIN (YUR-oh-ZAN-thin) URO (Urine) / XANTHIN (Yellow) Substance that makes urine yellow
HYPOSPADIAS (HAI-poh-SPAY-dee-as) "To tear underneath" - Birth defect where opening of urethra is on underside of penis, instead of the end/tip.
PHIMOSIS (fih-MOH-sis) "Muzzle" - Contraction of foreskin of penis, preventing from being retracted
SEMINOMA (SEM-ih-NOH-mah) Type of testicular cancer arising from sperm-forming tissue
VAS DEFERENS (VAS DEH-frenz) VAS (Vessel) / DE (Away) FERENS (Carrying). Vessel carrying sperm from testicles.
CSYTOPLEGIA (SIS-toh-PLEE-jah) Bladder paralysis.
TESTICULAR CARCINOMA (Most common)Testicular cancer in young adult men
BENIGN PROSTATE HYPERPLASIA (BPH) beh-NAIN PROS-tayt HAI-per-PLAY-zhah Noncancerous overdevelopment of the prostate; aka enlarged prostate. BENIGN (friendly) / PROSTATE / HYPER (over) / PLAS (formation) / IA (condition)
TERMS THAT PERTAIN TO THE URINARY TRACT Cystoma, Cystospasm, Glomerulopathy, Hypernephroma, Nephroma
TERMS THAT PERTAIN TO MALE GENITALIA Epididymitis, Orchitis, Testicular Carcinoma
STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE Abbrev. SUI - 1 Loss of bladder control caused by application of external pressure. 2 Loss of control due to excessive laughing, hard cough 3 Applies to 'I peed my pants.'
FULGURATION (FUL-hur-AY-shun) Use of electric current to destroy tissue. "Lightening"
INTRACORPOREAL LITHOTRIPSY INTRA (inside) CORPORE (body) AL (pertaining to) LITHO (stone) TRIPSY (wear down procedure). Breakdown of kidney stones via device placed inside the body. (IN-trah-cor-POR-ee-al LIH-thoh-TRIP-see
UROSTOMY (yur-AW-stoh-mee) Creation of an opening in the urinary tract, normally to divert urine flow away from a diseased bladder.
VESICOSTOMY (VEH-sih-KAWS-toh-mee) Creation of an opening in the bladder. VESICO (bladder) STOMY (opening)
VESICOTOMY (VEH-sih-DAW-toh-mee) Incision to the bladder. VESICO (bladder) TOMY (incision)
PROSTATOVESICULECTOMY (pros-TAT-oh-veh-SIK-yoo-LEK-toh-mee) Surgical removal of the prostate and seminal vesicles. (bladders that hold seminal fluid) PROSTATO (prostate) VESICUL (bladder) ECTOMY (removal)
VASECTOMY (vah-SEK-toh-mee) Removal of the vas deferens. VAS (vessel) ECTOMY (removal of)
VASOVASOSTOMY (VAS-oh-vah-SAWS-toh-mee) Creation of an opening between two vessels; Technically termed a vasectomy reversal. VASO (vessel) VASO (vessel) STOMY (opening)
VESICULECTOMY (veh-SIK-yoo-LEK-toh-mee) Surgical removal of the seminal vesicles. VESICUL (bladder) ECTOMY (removal)
SPERMICIDE (PER-mih-sahyd) SPERMOLYTIC (SPER-moh-LIH-tik) Agents that kill sperm. SERMI (sperm) CIDE (kill). SPERMO (sperm) LYTIC (breakdown agent)
LAPARONEPHRECTOMY (LAP-ah-roh-neh-FREK-toh-mee) Surgical removal of kidney through abdomen. LAPARO (abdomen) NEPHR (kidney) ECTOMY (removal)
KIDNEY DIALYSIS 1 Procedure for removing waste from blood. 2 Short name for hemodialysis. 3 Name derived from procedure separating/losing (lysis) blood from waste via passing it through (dia) an external filter.
UROSTOMY Urine opening; A creation of an opening in urinary tract; Normally used to divert urine flow away from a diseased bladder.
TERMS PERTAINING TO THE URINARY TRACT Cystectomy, Lithectomy, Nephrectomy, Urethretomy
TERMS PERTAINING TO MALE GENITALIA Epididymectomy, Orchidectomy, Prostatectomy, Vesicotomy
Created by: MCasler
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