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Kidney 2 - Guyton

Kidney 2 - autoregulation - Guyton

What is autoregulation in kidney? Its a mechanism for maintaining constang bf and GFR
What is glomerulotubular balance? tubules can adabt by changing reabsorbtion.
Describe the macula densas roll in autoregulation. Slow flow rate -> incr. reab-> decr. NaCl concentration at macula d->decreased afferent arteriol resistens->incr. GFR<- constrict efferent arteriol<- angiotensin II<- renin<-macula densa
Between which limits does autoregulation work? 75-160 mm Hg
Increased protien intake leads to? incr. protein intake-> incr amino acid reabsorbtion ->incr. Na reab->detection in macula d->decr. resistans->incr GFR<-renin<-macula d
Increased glucose leads to? Same as aminoacid intake.
Poisning lead to? Poisonin->decr. tubule reab->incr. Na detection by macula densa->decr. GFR<-decr. renin
Autoregulation in vessels? Myogenic effect->effect on bf and GFR
Sympatic effect on kidney? sympatic ac-> constriction of renal arteriol-> decr. GFR
Severe hemorrage or brain ischemia leads to? Sympatic activation-> decr. GFR
Endothelial damage leads to? increased endothelin release->decr. GFR
Adrenal medulla releases x and has effect y? x=NA, A. y=constriction of renal arteriols->decr. GFR
Decr. bf->Angiotensin II effect on ren? constricts preferentially efferent arteriols-> decr. bf through peritubular capillaries->increased reabsorbtion ((angiotensin effect on efferent arteriol->incr. GFR
NO effect on GFR? incr. because of dilatation-> decr. resistance
Effect of prostaglandin & bradykinin? Incr. GFR
Aspirin effect on inflamation? Inhibits prostaglandin->decr. GFR
Created by: Malekian