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RELST:Ch. 9 & 10

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Beatitudes “supreme happiness.
Apostasy The denial of Christ and repudiation of the Christian faith by a baptized Christian.
Presumption An act or attitude opposed to the theological virtue of hope. It can take the form of trust in self without recognizing that Salvation comes from God.
Despair Giving up hope in God’s saving graces, his forgiveness of sins, and his promise of Salvation.
Idolatry Giving worship to something or someone other than the true God.
Sorcery Attempts to tame occult powers in order to use them to gain a supernatural power over others.
Oath A statement or promise that calls on God to be witness to it.
perjury Lying under oath by asking God to witness a lie. This is a grave violation of the Second Commandment.
blasphemy Any thought, word, or act that expresses hatred or contempt for God, Christ, the Church, saints, or holy things.
Abortion The direct and deliberate ending of a pregnancy by killing the unborn child. Direct abortion, willed either as a means or an end, gravely contradicts the moral law.
Euthanasia Euthanasia is a serious violation of the Fifth Commandment, a crime against life, and an attack on humanity.
Chastity The moral virtue that enables persons to integrate their sexuality into their stations in life.
Modesty A fruit of the virtue of purity, it protects one’s most intimate inner self, refusing to unveil what should remain covered.
Adultery Infidelity in marriage whereby a married person has sexual intercourse with someone who is not the person’s spouse.
Avarice An inordinate passion for riches and the power that comes with them.
Detraction Without a legitimate reason, disclosing a person’s faults to someone who did not know about them, thus causing unjust harm to that person’s reputation.
Calumny Slander, that is, lies told about another person in order to harm his or her reputation and lead others to make false judgments about the person
Lectio Divina sacred reading
Blessing A prayer that invokes God’s care on some person, place, thing, or undertaking
Adoration Prayer that acknowledges that God is God—Creator, Savior, Sanctifier, Lord, and Master of all creation, the source of all blessings, and worthy of our total love and devotion.
Praise A form of prayer whereby we acknowledge God and his goodness and glorify him for who he is.
Petition A prayer in which we ask God for his help, forgiveness, or some good, whether for ourselves or for others.
Intercession A prayer of petition for the sake of others.
Prayer Conversation with God. Lifting of one’s mind and heart to God or requesting good things from him. Joining one’s thoughts and love to God in adoration and blessing, petition, intercession, thanksgiving, and praise.
Meditation A form of prayer where the mind and imagination focus on Christ or some truth of Divine Revelation with the purpose of applying the lessons we learn to our lives.
Contemplation Wordless prayer whereby a person’s mind and heart rest in God’s goodness and majesty.
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