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SLO 7th grade SS

How has the building of dams created problems for countries sharing rivers in SW Asia? Dams limit the water available to countries downstream.
What do Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have in common? They are all monotheistic
Why is the population of the Sahara Desert so low? Little access to water
Hinduism and Buddhism share a belief in ____________. reincarnation and karma
What is the cause of air pollution in China and India? (3 answers) Burning of coal, wood, dung, car and factory exhaust, and overpopulation
There is a huge problem with _______________________ of the Yangtze River. pollution
Which river can be found in India and is considered holy to Hindus? the Ganges River
In regards to the U.S. military, Afghanistan and Iraq are similar in that they both___________________. have experienced a high presence of the U.S. military being present there
The Persian Gulf Conflict of 1990-1991 can be described as ____________________________________. The United States defended Kuwait by pushing Iraqi forces out of the country.
Why did the US bomb and invade Afghanistan in 2001? US believed the government of Afghanistan was offering safety to al-Qaeda, the organization that attacked the US on 9-11-01.
Why did the US go to war with Iraq in 2003? The US government saw the Iraqi leader, Saddam Hussein, as a threat to peace and US's interests in the region.
Why did African nations face so many problems following their independence movements? Political and ethnic rivalries within the countries emerged after independence.
Nelson Mandela and Gandhi 's ideas of rebellion and protest are BEST described how? Non-violent
Which of the following succeeded in pressuring Great Britain to grant independence to Kenya? Kenyans supported the violent revolution by the Mau Mau
Why did South Sudan want its independence? South Sudan did not want to follow Islamic laws which led to civil wars, South Sudan wanted more economic growth, and South Sudan did not like being ignored by the Sudanese government.
What was the impact of communism in China in terms of Mao Zedong, the Great Leap Forward, the Cultural Revolution, and Tiananmen Square? The people's rights were further decreased through all of these events (less freedom for the people)
What is the domino theory as it relates to communism? If one country in a region becomes communist then others would quickly follow
What happened in India as a result of Ghandhi's campaign of civil disobedience? India gained its independence from Great Britain
Following WWII, what is one reason the US led the rebuilding effort in Japan? The US wanted to prevent Chinese Communism from spreading
What is the most likely reason why the US became so deeply involved in the problems of North and South Vietnam? The US wanted to contain communism & keep it from spreading to South Vietnam and other Asian countries
How can autocratic and democratic governments be compared? Citizens participate more in democratic governments (few rights are given in an autocracy)
South Africa's government can be described as a _______________ because they have a National Assembly that chooses its executive leader. parliamentary democracy
Allowing citizens to participate in government by selecting members of the legislature is what form of government most likely? democracy
China's governments is closer to a _________________ because its government is communist (oligarchy) tyranny
India's government allows much personal freedom because their government is closest to ____________________. federal republic
Japan's government is a constitutional monarchy and therefore its people have the amount of freedom found in a _______________________. democracy
If economic decisions are made based on supply and demand but there is some government involvement, their economy is closest to ________________________. mixed
What are most important in a command economy? government planners
When the government makes all economic decisions, what form of economic system do they likely have? command
When a single or centralized government authority decides what is produced, the economy is considered to be a __________________ economy. command
Why do countries issue tariffs and quotas on international trade? to encourage people to buy goods made by local businesses
What form of economic barrier is being used when the price of imported tractors is raised in order to protect lower priced , locally made tractors? tariff
Why is OPEC so powerful? It decides the supply of much of the world's oil and therefore the price as well
Why is specialization so important in international trade? It allows countries to make what they're best at and trade everything else.
How does specialization effect the economic development of a country? It allows countries to take advantage of their particular skills, abilities, and resources.
What impact does entrepreneurship have on the economy when it is easy to start a business and private property rights are well protected in a country such as South Africa? It helps entrepreneurs make a significant contribution to the country's economy
The government of S Africa spends much money on its infrastructure. Why? They are investing in their capital goods.
What are the three basic economic questions that must be answered by all societies? What to produce, how to produce it and for whom to produce it.
Who answers the three basic economic questions in a pure command economy? The government
Who answers the three basic economic questions in a pure market economy? Consumers and producers (and supply and demand)
Who answers the three basic economic questions in a pure mixed economy? Government, consumers, producers
__________________ is when countries choose to make goods and services instead of others, depending on what resources they have. Specialization
The US is closest to a _______________ economy. free market
Israel and Saudi Arabia are closest to a __________________ economy. mixed
Iran is closest to a _________________ economy. command
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