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Chapter 13

% of Jobs in U.S. consumer Services 52.6%
% of Jobs in U.S. educational services 9.6%
The area surrounding a service that customers are attracted to Market Area
Maximum distance people are willing to travel for a service Range
Central Place Theory Helps explain how the most profitable location can be identified
Hierarchical listings of settlements by size Rank-size rule
What is a primate city Largest city in its country or region.
Gravity Model predicts the optimal location of a service is directly related to the number of people in the area and inversely related to the distance people must travel to access it.
How are global cities defined By their role in global business services
Explain Offshore Banking people can get lower taxes in offshore centers, and they dont have to disclose these assetts in divorce
What do LDCs specialize in and what are their benefits routine clerical activities because of their low wasges and the ability to speak English
What are back office functions called Business-process outsourcing
Firm that sells its product outside the setttlement basic business
What is the most important activity in the Great Lakes Region advanced equipment and materials
What did Richard Florida say about distribution
Why is new basic industry important to a community exporting by basic businesses brings more money to the local economy
What is a place where homes farms and church buildings are close together clustered rural settlement
Why was the French loan lot system developed
What is the significance of Great Britain's enclosure movement resulted in the consolidation of individually owned strips of land surrounding villages into large farms owned by single individuals.
What colonial American region were clustered rural settlements found New England
What was the most prominent structure in the city of Ur, Athens Ur: ziggurat Athens:Parthenon
All loads lead to Rome
What urban change came after the fall of the Roman empire Large urban settlemenets shrank.
How are mideival urban settlements characterized a Feudal lord and his urban residents
Most people in the world live in what kind of settlement Urban
Heterogeneity is characteristic of what 2 things people in urban settlements have more freedom,
What are Urban settlements more tolerant of A different unusual profession, sexual orientation, or cultural intrest
How is urbanization analyzed
What is a city plus its built up suburbs urban area
What defines a city that covers the largest functional area (U.S) metropolitan statistical area
What is a census area based on community patterns micropolitan statistical area
What is the zone where retail and office areas have been clustered Central business district
Why do cities have convention centers and sports complexes within their central business district because the CBD is the easiest area to access
How do officials exchange information in a central business district Law firms stay in proximity to each other in the CBD
What service is least likely to be found in a central business district Manufacturing
Why are land values high in a central business district its accessability produces extremely high competition for land
What activity is usually located on the street level floor of a skyscraper Commercial activities
The underground central business district is characterized by what
Concentric zone model
Sector Model
Multiple nuclei model
Why is Chicago a good location to develop urban models
How are edge cities developed
People and census tracts rarely exceed one number
What does a social area analysis explain
How are European central business districts similar to America’s
What was the city structure of Beijing under the Yuan dynasty
What laws were enacted in 1573 that outlined Spanish cities
Where did the poor people on the outside of cities and LDCs live, What is it also known as
What region are spine and dis-amenity zones associated with
Mexico city was laid out like what other city, What laws were they laid out
how old is the sun 10000000000000000000000000000000000 years old
Created by: DaRealJuanCena
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