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Early and Late Medieval Europe

Early Medieval Society had __________ religious beliefs, Customs of Germanic Tribes and the Classical heritage of Rome CHRISTIAN
What preserved Greco-Roman culture in medieval society? MONASTERIES
_____________ carried Christianity and the Latin alphabet to Germanic Tribes. It is their mission in life to spread Christianity. MISSIONARIES
The Pope anointed _______________ Holy Roman Emperor in 800AD CHARLEMAGNE
Parish ___________ served religious and social needs of people. PRIESTS
The __________________ system was created because invasions shattered Roman protection over the Empire. FEUDAL
The recipient of the land (fief) in exchange for military service was known as the ... VASSAL
Those tied to the land of the Manorial system were... SERFS
The Manorial system consisted of a rigid class structure and self-sufficient ... MANORS
The ______________ were the force in Western Europe. FRANKS
Charlemagne build churches, roads and _______________ were built to unite the Holy Roman Empire. SCHOOLS
_______________ and _____________ migrated from continental Europe to England. ANGLES / SAXONS
Magyars migrated from Central Asia to... HUNGARY
The __________________ migrated from Scandinavia to Russia VIKINGS
Manors with these fortified structures protected from invaders. CASTLES
Invasions disrupted trade, towns declined and the feudal system was ... STRENGTHENED
William the Conqueror was the leader of the ___________ Conquest and united most of England. NORMAN
Common Law had its start during the reign of... HENRY II
King John signed the ______________ which limited the king's power. MAGNA CARTA
The Hundred Years' War was fought over land between England and ________________ and helped define them as nations. FRANCE
The ________________ grew more and more and its power would rival that of the king. PARLIAMENT
_____________ established the French throne in Paris HUGH CAPET
_____________ helped unify France, and eventually was burned at the stake. JOAN OF ARC
In Spain, Ferdinand and Isabella unified the country and kicked out the ______________ and _____________ JEWS / MOORS (MUSLIMS)
The Spanish Empire grew under ... CHARLES V
In Russia, Ivan the Great threw off the rule of the ______________ MONGOLS
Ivan the Great (the tsar) centralized power in the city of... MOSCOW
The Orthodox Church influenced the unification of ... RUSSIA
Pope Urban gave a _____________ on the need to reclaiming the holy lands, leading to the Crusades. SPEECH
The Crusaders lost Jerusalem to ... SALADIN
Western Crusaders sacked the city of ... CONSTANTINOPLE
The Crusades ended up weakening the Pop and nobles but strengthened the power of ... MONARCHS
The Crusades also stimulated trade, weakend the Byzatine Empire and left the ___________ ______________ _______________ bitter. CHRISTIANS /JEWS /MUSLIMS
The Mongol armies invaded Russia, China and Muslim states in Asia, _______________ cities and the countryside DESTROYING
Constantinople fell to the _____________ Turks in 1453. OTTOMAN
Constantinople (renamed Istanbul) became the capital of the... OTTOMAN EMPIRE
The Black Death or the (_______________________) created a scarcity of labor due to a decline in population. BUBONIC PLAGUE
After the Black Death, towns were freed from __________ obligations, the church's influence declined and it disrupted trade. FEUDAL
Church scholars were some of the few people who could read or _________ WRITE
Church scholars worked in _____________ and translated Greek and Arabic works into Latin. MONASTERIES
Monks and other church scholars laid the foundation for the rise of higher education schools, or... UNIVERSITIES
The Crusades increased the demand for _____________________ products, such as spices and perfumes. MIDDLE EASTERN
The stimulated production of goods to trade in the Mid East encouraged the use of credit and ... BANKING
The church did not like the merchants' use of ... USURY
Letters of credit expanded the supply of money, new accounting and bookkeeping practices were introduced such as the use of ______________ numerals. ARABIC
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