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chabner chapter 19

review for test

replication of cells; two idintical cells are produced from a parent cell mitosis
cellular substance that is important in protein synthesis RNA
infectious agent that reproduces by entering a host cell and using the hosts genetic material to make copies of itself virus
rays given off by the sun ultra violet radiation
an agent that causes cancer chemical carciogen
genetic material that causes cancer found in tumor cells or viruses oncogene
change in the genetic material of a cell mutation
energy carried by a stream of particles ionizing radiation
characterized by redness,swelling and heat imflammatory
tumors are large, soft , fleshy medullary
containing dead tissue necrotic
mushrooming pattern of growth fungating
characterized by large, open spaces filled with fluid cystic
tumors resemble wart-like growths verrucous
growths are projections from a base polypoid
test for the presence of a portion of human chorionic gonadotropin hormone beta-HCG-test
incision of the abdomen to determine extent of disease staging laparotomy
protein marker test to detect ovarian cancer cells in blood ca-125
visual examination of the abdominal cavity;peritoneoscopy laparoscopy
test for the presence of a hormone receptor on breast cancer cells estrogen receptor assay
removal and microscopic examination of bone marrow tissue bone marrow biopsy
aspiration of tissue for microscopic examination needle biopsy
blood test for the presence of an antigen related to prostate cancer psa test
blood test for carcinoembryonic antigen cea test
cells are scraped off tissue and microscopically examined exfuliative cytology
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