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Theology ch 7


logos word in Greek
son of man jesus favorite title; came from book of Daniel, shows jesus is both human and divine
What kinds of questions does Christology address? Who is Jesus Christ? How can Jesus be both divine and human at the same time? What do we mean when we call Jesus the son of God?
Rabbi Jewish word for teacher
Christ comes from Greek word Christos, means Latin word Messiah which means anointed one or savior
the contemparies of Jesus had the same time ideas of what and who the Messiah would be false
although Jesus accepted the title of Messiah, his concept of the Messiah differed from that of his contemparies true
Jesus was know as a respected and admired teacher true
Jesus is son of man and suffering servant described by who? Isaiah
When did God the Father anoint his only begotten Son with Holy Spirit? at his baptism
What is one major theme in the Gospel of Mark? following Jesus means picking up a cross daily in imitation of him
God still sends prophets to the world true
What was the threefold office of the suffering servant? prophet, high priest, king
mouthpiece, spokesperson; a person who represents God and works on God's behalf to instruct; one who predicts the future as Jesus' prediction about the destruction of the Temple prophet
a mediator between god and man priest
which letter calls Jesus the great high priest and the perfect sacrifice the letter to the Hebrew
When Jesus responded to Pilate, "You say so," Jesus meant, "No I am not." false
What inscription did Pilate instruct the soldiers to put on the cross? INRI; "Jesus the Nazorean, the King of the Jews
one who protects us from present or future danger savior
means "Savior" or "God saves" Jesus
translates the Greek word, Kurios which translates the Hebrew which Adonai Lord
Every Catholic Mass commemorates the sacrifice of the Lamb of God in an Unbloody manner true
Who calls Jesus Paschal Lamb? St. Paul
John the Baptist declared what? Jesus was not only the Lamb of God but also the Son of God
an external sign of some reality sign
The first two letters of the Greek word for Christos Chi-Rho
The first three letters of the name Jesus in Greek IHS
Jesus is the beginning and the end of all history Alpha and Omega
An anagram for the first letter of a short creed: Jesus Christ Son of God Savior Ichthus
Ichthus means what? fish
Jesus Christ is victorious Jesus Christ the Conqueror
Jesus is the one who takes away the sins of the world Lamb
Abbreviates the Latin words that would have been posted the crime Jesus was convicted INRI
What is heresy? a false teaching, denial of some truth from Catholic teaching
Jesus appointed Peter, the Apostles, and their successors, to lead the Church true
The Church father were bishops, theologians, teachers and scholars that what? greatly contributed to Church doctrine and practice and helped clarify Church teaching about Christ's identity
The Apostles and bishops gathered in several ecumenical councils that issued dogmatic teachings about the Catholic faith including the promulgation of the Nicene Creed false
Jesus only seemed to be human Docetist
studies the Nature, person, and works of Jesus. Christology
the docetist was a form? Gnosticism
falsely held that Jesus shared secret knowledge with just a few close friends Gnosticism
Which church father taught that because the roman Children traces her authority back to Peter, it is the source of right teaching and belief? St. Irenaeus
denied that Jesus equal to God the Father, rejecting the teaching of the Incarnation that God had become a man; taught was God's greatest creature and an adopted Son of God, but rejected that Jesus is God. Arianism
Arianism made by who Arius
Explain the teaching of St. Athanasius that Jesus had to be divine consubstantial with God
taught that there were two persons in Jesus - one divine and one human; refused to call Mary the mother of Gd she only mother to the human Jesus made by nestorius nestorianism
theotokos god-bearer
claimed that the divine nature of Jesus absorbed his human nature, denies that Jesus was truly human made by Eutyches monophystism
What was the famous Chalcedon formula taught by the Council of Chalcedon? one divine person with two natures - a divine nature and a human nature
The Son always existed with the Father - he was neither "made" nor "generated" by the Father true
According to the Nicene Creed our God almighty, all-powerful, perfectly one, and creator of everything true
What was Jesus' mission? to heal the alienation cause by the original sin that separates us from God, other people, and ourselves
the mystery of the Immaculate conception took place when Mary said "yes" to God false
the central fact of our faith "Jesus Christ is Lord"
the Father's right hand is a privileged position of special honor and influence
Holy spirit is the 3rd person of our trinity
the source of our life and gifts empowers us to recognize and believe in Jesus and directs our hearts and minds to Jesus who draws us to his Father Holy Spirit
What was Jesus command to us? to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and of the Holy Spirit
“God with us” Emmanuel
who always exited with God and is God The Word of God
called by the Magi who visited him; King of the Jews King
refers to a ruler, there powerful person; an address similar to “sir” Lord
the lamb sacrificed at Passover was a symbol of salvation and freedom from slavery Lamb of God
They affixed signs in three languages Hebrew, Latin, and Greek
true and established teaching of the Church Orthodoxy
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