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The World History 66

52 Men, 2 Women & 12 Deities to know for WH1

Abraham Covenant, Judaism, Monotheism
Hammurabi Written, Law, Babylon
Alexander the Great Macedonia, Undefeated, Hellenistic World
Zeus Greek, Polytheistic, Father
Hera Greek, Goddess, Queen
Apollo Greek, Youth, Sun
Artemis Greek, Goddess, Hunting
Athena Greek, Goddess, Wisdom
Aphrodite Greek, Goddess, Love
Draco the Lawgiver Greek, Lawgiver, Draconian
Solon the Reformer Greek, Reformer, Tyrant
Pericles Greek, Athens, Democracy
Aeschylus Playwright, Tragedy, Drama
Sophocles Playwright, Tragedy, Oedipus
Homer Greek, Illiad, Odyssey
Herodotus Greek, First Historian
Thucydides Greek, Scientific, History
Phidias Greek, Sculptor, Architect
Archimedes Greek, Physics, Machines
Hippocrates Greek, Physician, Oath
Euclid Greek, Geometry, Mathematics
Pythagoras Greek, Math, Theorem
Socrates Greek, Philosophy, Poison
Plato Greek, Philosophy, Academy
Aristotle Greek, Philosophy, Alexander
Phillip II of Macedon Greek, Macedonia, Alexander
Julius Caesar Rome, Consul, Caesar
Augustus Caesar Roman, Octavian, Emperor
Jupiter Roman, Polytheistic, Father
Juno Roman, Goddess, Queen
Apollo Roman, Youth, Sun
Diana Roman, Goddess, Hunting
Minerva Roman, Goddess, Wisdom
Venus Roman, Goddess, Love
Hannibal Carthaginian, General, Punic Wars
Marc Antony Roman, Consul, Cleopatra
Jesus of Nazareth Judaism, Messiah, Christianity
Paul the Apostle Early, Christian, Missionary
Constantine Roman, Emperor, Christianity
Ptolemy Roman, Scientist, Geocentric Model
Virgil Roman, Poet, Aeneid
Justinian Byzantine, Law Code, Hagia Sophia
Cyril Cyrillic, Alphabet, Missionary
Muhammad Merchant, Prophet, Islam
Moses 10 Commandments, Exodus, Torah
Charlemagne Germanic, France, King
Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Prince, Nirvana
Asoka Convert, Missionary, 5 Pillars
Qin Shi Huangdi China, Legalism, Terra-Cotta Army
William the Conqueror Norman, Conquest, England
King Henry II England, Common, Law
King John King, England, Magna Carta
Hugh Capet First, King, France
Joan of Arc Saint, France, 100 Years War
Ferdinand Catholic, Spain, Isabella
Isabella Catholic, Spain, Ferdinand
Phillip II of Spain Spanish, King, Empire
Ivan the Great Russia, Unifier, Anti-Mongol
Pope Urban Pope, Catholic, Crusades
Machiavelli Italian, Politician, Prince
Leonardo da Vinci Artist, Renaissance, Polymath
Michelangelo Artist, Renaissance, Sculptor
Petrarch Humanist, Sonnetts
Erasmus Humanist, Reform, Folly
Gutenberg German, Bible, Printing-Press
Sir Thomas More English, Catholic, Utopia
Created by: csdavis