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tropical fruits, gold and silver These items were traded to the Aztecs for crops
tribute Valuable gifts and taxes collected by the Aztecs from defeated peoples.
Tlachtli What was the Aztec game where they tried to get a ball into a ring with their hips?
Tenochtitlan A city the Aztecs built on an island in the lake that is present day Mexico City. It was the capital city.
small, swampy, and salt water The three factors which made Tenochtitlan less than ideal
polytheistic worshipped MANY gods/goddesses
Montezuma II The last Aztec emperor in Mexico who was overthrown and killed.
Lake Texcoco They settled inside of a small island on...
Cortez Spanish soldier who led the conquistadors in a war against the Aztecs in 1519 and beat them.
The Great Temple The religious point in the middle of Tenochtitlan.
dam The Aztecs built these for flood protection.
Codecs Aztec books
chinampas Floating gardens built in the water to grow crops.
causeways and bridges These were built by the Aztecs to make a connection to the mainland.
blood This nourished the gods and kept them healthy, kept them from destroying the world.
The Aztec Mountains To the Aztec these were security and a sacred sight.
Aztec government Ruled by emperor
The Aztec calendar The time telling device of the Aztecs, they had two of these, one of which was Solar and the other which was Sacred.
Aztec architecture Skilled engineers: they built pyramids, temples, statues, bridges, irrigation systems, dams and floating gardens
Aztec agriculture Maize, avocados, tomatoes, chilies, squash, cocoa. Slash and burn farming
aqueduct A channel used to move water, usually supported on a bridge structure when it had to cross a valley.
1200 - 1500s Time period of the Aztec empire
60,000 How many Aztecs survived the Spanish?
social structure Nobles, commoners, serfs, slaves
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