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phlebotomy essential

Chapter 1, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 10 review

define Phlebotomy(literally) Phlebos = vein Tome = incision
definition of exsanguinate to remove all blood
What is Continuum of Care? It is a holistic, coordinated system of health care services to best serve a patient.
It involves collecting blood by penetrating a vein with a needle and syringe or other collection apparatus Venipuncture
It involves collecting blood after puncturing the skin with a lancet dermal puncture or capillary puncture
What is the Patient Care Partnership? The most recent revision to the Patient's Bill of Rights
HIPPA is what? The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 protecting patient privacy and information.
What are communication barriers? They are Biases or personalized filters that are major obstructions to hearing and understanding what has been said. They often cause miscommunication.
The study of non verbal communication is also called what? kinesics
What is a kinesic slip? An instance where verbal and non-verbal cues do not match up.
What is proxemics? It is the study of an idividual's concept and use of space.
Name the main elements in health care communication. Empathy, Control, Confirmation, Trust.
What is the CPT? Current Procedural Terminology
What is the ICD-9-CM? IT is the International Classification of Diseases- Tenth Revision, Clinical Modification and it is used for insurance billing and coding.
What is the difference between MCO's and HCO's and PPO's? Managed Care Organizations are complete networks, HMO's are group practices and PPO's are Preferred provider organizations.
What are the two major divisions in the Clinical Lab? The Clinical Analysis Areas and the Anatomical and Surgical Pathology Area
What is Serology? It is the Study of Serum. Serology Tests for the body's response to the presence of bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic diseases that stimulate antigen-antibody reactions.
What is the AFB test? Acid Fast Bacilli is a test for TB and monitor treatment of TB.
What is Histology? Histology is the study of the microscopic structure of tissues to determine health or disease of a tissue.
What is Cytology? It is the study of cells to determine malignant or non malignant cell growth.
Define Cytogenics? It is the use of samples to examine and determine chromosomal deficiencies that relate to genetic disease and disorder.
What is CLIA'88? The Clinical Laboratory Imrovement Amendments of 1988 that were signed into law on Halloween of '88 mandating all labs use the same regulations.
What is the Chain of infection? It consists of an Infectious Agent, Reservoir, Exit Pathway, Means of transmission, Entry pathway and Susceptible host. Remove one and the chain is broken. The easiest to remove is the means of transmission.
What is NIOSH? The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health requires anyone who enters the room of a patient with an airborne disease to wear a special N95 respirator.
What is vector transmission? It is the transfer of an infectious agent via an insect, arthropod or animal.
What is vehicle transmission? Vehicle transmission is the transfer of infectious agents via food, water or drugs, anything that is meant for human consumption.
What is OSHA? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to offer HBV vaccinations and follow other safety protocol.
What is PPE and how is it used? Personal Protective Equipment is used to avoid direct contact with blood and other body fluids as well as caustic agents and chemicals.
What are UP and BSI? Universal Precautions and Body Substance Isolation are used to prevent the spread of infection.
What is BBP? Blood Borne Pathogen is applied to any infectious microorganism.
What are HBV transmission hazards? Blood and other body fluids can carry HBV including urine, semen, cerebrospinal fluid and saliva.
What is the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard? It is mandated by federal law requiring engineering controls and work practice controls to prevent exposure incidents, availability and use of PPE, training and more in regards to HBV
What is the most common and preferred method for collecting blood samples? the CLSI-preferred system is the ETS or evacuated tube system.
What are the components or parts of an ETS system? Needle bevel, shaft, threaded hub and rubber sleeve over needle inside tube holder and an evacuated tube make the completed ETS.
What is the normal fill level for evacuated tubes? The tubes never gill to the top of the stopper, they will always have a consistent amount of space between the stopper and the level of blood in the tube.
What is a short draw and why is it unacceptable in non short draw or clearing tubes? A partial draw will not fill a normal evacuated tube and can cause improper ratio's of blood to additive creating inaccurate test results.
Light blue stopper is what additive? Sodium citrate used for coagulation
A glass tube with a red stopper is used for what? With no additive it is used for chemistry, blood bank, serology and immunology testing.
a plastic tube with a red stopper is used for this. with a clot activator it is used for blood chemistry testing.
red/light gray stoppered plastic tubes are used for? these are discard tubes only.
red/black(tiger) or fold or red/gold tubes are what? With clot activator and gel separator they are for blood Chemistry testing.
Green/gray and light green tops are what? Lithium heparin and gel separator used for Blood Chemistry testing,
Green tops are what? Lithium heparin and or sodium heparin used for blood chemistry.
Lavender or pink tops are what? EDTA used for hematology and blood bank draws.
Gray topped tubes are for? Blood chemistry, since they have either sodium fluoride and potassium oxalate, sodium fluoride and edta or only sodium fluoride.
tubes with orange or gray/yellow stoppers are what? Thrombin used for blood chemistry.
Royal blue stoppers contain? If it's red label, nothing. lavender label is EDTA and Green label is sodium heparin and they are ALL used for blood chem.
Tan tops are what? Glass tube is sodium heparin and plastic is EDTA used for blood chemistry
Yellow topped tubes are what? either sodium polyanethol sulfonate(sps) used for microbiology or acid citrate dextrose(acd) used for blood bank and immunohematology draws.
What is the order of the draw? Stop Light Red Stay Put Green Light Go... Sterile, Lt. blue, Red, SST, PST, Green, Lavendar, Gray.
What is the Alternate Syringe Order of the draw? Silly Ladies Love Green and Gray Roses... Sterile, Lt. blue, Lavender, green, gray, red/SST
What is a blood draw order called? A requisition is an order from the doctor stating which blood tests are to be done.
What must you see to when reviewing a requisition? Check for missing info, verify the tests to be done, ID any diet or other restrictions and determine test status or collection priority.
What are the two most common venipuncture sites? the antecubital or inner elbow and the hand or wrist veins.
What is the maximum amount of time a tourniquet is to be left on for? Never more than one minute.
Never anchor a vein with this hold/manuver The C-clasp, because it could allow a needle to accidentally puncture the phlebotomists index finger.
During a capillary/dermal puncture what can be contained in the first drop of blood and what should you do with it? excess tissue fluid and possible alcohol residue can be present in the first drop of blood so it is important to always wipe away the first drop of blood. This will also help the blood to form a well rounded top and prevent it from becoming hemolyzed.
What should never be used to clean a dermal puncture site? povidone-iodine can interfere with several tests therefore should never be used in cleaning a dermal puncture site.
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