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Muscular/ skeletal

Abscess localized collection of pus
Fissure slit or cracklike sore in the skin
Rosacea chronic disorder of the skin characterized by redness usually on the face
Fibromyalgia pain and stiffness of muscles
Bursitis inflammation of a bursa
onychomycosis abnormal condition of a fungus in the nails
osteomyelitis inflammation of the bone and bone marrow
osteoarthritis inflammation of the bone and joint
laceration torn, ragged-edged wound
tendinitis inflammation of a tendon
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
dermatoplasty surgical repair of the skin
osteochondritis inflammation of the bone and cartilage
costectomy excision of a rib
laminectomy excision of a lamina
arthroplasty surgical repair of a joint
myorrhaphy suturing of a muscle
leukoderma white skin
debridement the removal of dead tissue or foreign matter
scleroderma Hardening of the skin or body organs
THA total hip arthroplasty
fx fracture
EMG electromyogram
bx biopsy
I&D incision and drainage
ID intradermal
decub pressure ulcer or decubitus
C1-C7 cervical vertebrae
L1-L5 lumbar vertebrae
T1-T2 thoracic vertebrae
supra- above
cutane/o skin
my/o muscle
inter- between
-malacia softening
-derma skin
leuk/o white
cost/o rib
oste/o bone
onych/o nail
electromyogram report of a diagnostic procedure on a muscle
suturing to stitch edges of a wound surgically
arthrodesis surgical fixation of a joint
arthroscopy visual examination of a joint using a scope
dermabrasion procedure to remove skin scars with abrasive material
craniotomy incision into the skull
cryosurgery destruction of tissue by using extremely cold process
cranioplasty surgical repair of the skull
cauterization destruction of tissue with a hot or cold instrument, electric current, or caustic substance
myel/o Bone marrow
dermat/o Skin
Patellectomy Excision of the knee cap
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