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World War 2

Heinrich Himmler Born in Germany. Head of SS (Blackshirts) and Gestapo police. Operated some concentration camps.
Joseph Goebbels Born in Germany. Reich Minister of Propaganda 1933-1945. Regulated all the media to have anti-Semitism and forced Jews into unemployment.
Hermann Goring Born in Germany. Nazi leading member. Cynical pilot from WWI seen second to hierarchy.
Sun Yat-sen Born in China. Founding father and first president of Republic of China. Appointed Chiang Kai Shek from Nationalist Party
Chiang Kai-shek Born in China. Nationalist Party leader. Conducted purge of all communists. Backed by US in Sino-Japanese War, but lost
Mao Zedong Born in China. Communist Party leader. Launched Great Leap Forward campaign to change from agrarian to industrial economy.
Hideki Tojo Born in Japan. Prime Minster of Japan, became basically a dictator in the Pacific Theater. Removed and killed.
Emperor Hirohito Born in Japan. Longest lasting Emperor of Japan. Surrendered 1945. Became constitutional monarch with no political power.
Franklin D. Roosevelt Born in US. Helped the US out of the Great Depression. Entered US in war after Pearl Harbor
Winston Churchill Born in UK. Prime Minister. Led Britain from near defeat to victory in WWII
Dwight D. Eisenhower Born in US. General and Supreme Commander of Allied Expeditionary Forces during war. Led forces on D-Day to victory
Field Marshall Bernard Montgormery Born in UK. Allied commander during war. Forced German troops to retreat from Egypt to defeat in Tunisia. Hero of Al Lemain
General George Marshall Born in US. Commander of Allied forces in Pacific Theater. Successful attacks on Japanese. Largest air force in US history. Freed Philippines. Helped devise Operation Overlord (Normandy)
Anti-Semitism, rejection of Versailles treaty, confiscation of illicit war profits, middle class protection, land distribution of peasants. Mein Kampf 5 points
Weimar Republic / Reichstag Name of German gov prior to Hitler's rise
Jew discrimination / humiliation. Nuremberg Laws. Forbidden to engage in public life, business, and emigration. Final Solution. 4 phases of Jewish descrimination
Nuremberg Laws Acts that said that German Jews were noncitizens that led to harrassment by the government
Final Solution Acts that rounded up Jews from ghettos around Europe and sent to death camps in Poland.
Non-Aggression Pact Agreement between Stalin and Hitler that declared neutrality if Germany went to war. Gave Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Eastern Poland to the USSR
Military. Financial. Agrarian. Constitutional Meiji Reforms areas
Blitzkrieg War tactic that Germans employed in early part of war - surprising
Operation Barbarossa German attempt to capture the Soviet Union.
Leningrad Russian city under sieger in the summer of 1942
Battle of Coral Sea Pacific Theater naval battle that stopped Japanese advance on Port Mosby and Australia
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