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Mycobacteria slender, nonmotile, slow-growing, acid-fast, obigate aerobes, resist gram staining
Ziehl-Neelsen acid fast stain, methylene blue counterstain, uses heat
Kinyoun stain acid fast stain, methylene blue counterstain, cold stain
Auramine-rhodamine acid fast stain, used to visualize acid fast bacilli using fluroescence microscopy, not as specific
Acridine orange acid fast stain, mthylene blue counterstain, fluorescent
Gram stain resistant (Mycobacteria) High lipid content in cell walls
Runyon classification based on rate of growth, production of yellow pigment and whether pigment was produced in dark or after light exposure
M. Tuberculosis common in Mexico, buff colonies, niacin positive, PPD skin test
M. Leprae Hansen's disease, leprosy
Decontaminate and digestion to liquefy sample to allow chemical decontaminating agent to contact and kill non-mycobacterial organisms
Agar for mycobacteria Lowenstein-Jensen, Petragnami, American Thoracic Society Agar, Middlebrook agar
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