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Origins & Ancestors

Origins and Ancestors to Mesopotamia

What is the study of hominds called Anthropology
Another name for the Middle Stone Age is Mesolithic
The scientific name for the creature who walks upright is Homo Erectus
What was the Homo Erectus's greatest achievement? Language
What was the period called when people stopped hunting and became farmers during the Neolithic Age? Neolithic Revolution
What were the creatures called who were defined as persons with ability Homo Habilis
What is the name given to humanlike creatures and human beings? hominids
What is Homo Sapien? The name for the creature defined as one who thinks
Another name for the Old Stone Age Paleolithic
What is a remnant or impression of an organism from a past geologic age called? fossil
Those who study hominid bones and fossils looking for changes in features are called Anthropologists
What is the History of Mankind before writing was developed? Prehistory
What is the name for wise wise human being? Homo Sapien Sapien
Another name for new stone age is Neolithic
A way of life including language, way of dress, religious beliefs, art and music is called culture
Dating an object by the light given off by electrons trapped in the soil surrounding fossils and artifacts is called Thermoluminescence
What is the name given to the age when hominids starting using tools? Stone Age
Another name for southern Ape Australopithecine
Those who study fossil remains to determine characteristics of various prehistoric periods are called Paleontologists
What are skills and knowledge used by people to make tools and do work? technology
Who were the first Homo Sapiens Neanderthal's
The term Homo means Human or Man
early hominids were able to migrate because of land bridges that were formed during four of these Ice Ages
Dating an object by measuring radioactive carbon(c14) which decays at a known rate is called radiocarbon dating
A member of a group of people with no fixed home who travel constantly to find food and water are called Nomads
Hammurabi developed a code of these which clearly stated violations and punishments Laws
Who was the best known leader of the Babylonian Empire? Hammurabi
Why do we study History? to compare present day problems o similar situations
Civilizations developed near rivers
Resisting Invasion from other villages was why early ----------- were formed governments
Hammurabi's code is similar or American Law because it lists the rights of citizens for __________ and _____________ violations and punishments
Highly Organized Society marked by advance knowledge of trade, government, arts, science and ofteh written language is called civilization
A oerson skilled in a craftis called an artisan
The system by which goods and services are produced and distributed to meet peoples needs is called an economy
What is a traditional story that explains natural events Myth
What is the exchange of goods, ideas and customs among different cultures called/ Cultural Diffusion
What is the birthplace of History? Sumer
Mesopotamia is also called the Fertile Crescent
What is the city and the land surrounding it City-State
City states have a common culture, language and __________ religion
Cities marked the beginning of History
Fossils can show the changes that occur over time in plants and animals as they adapt for survival is proof that fossils support the theory of Evolution
What were Jericho on the West Bank and Catal Huyak in Turkey two of the earliest villages uncovered by Anthropologists
The Akkadians under Sargon I were the first _________ in Mesopotamia empire
The Wagon wheel, Potters Wheel, a number system based on 60, the first bronze and mteal plow were all technological achievements of the Sumerians
The belief in many gods is caled polytheism
What is considered the oldest writing in the world? Cunieform
In Sumeria, what is made of mud brick, decorated with color tile, was a series of terraces 6 to 7 stories high where only priests or priestesses were allowed at the top Ziggurat
Mesopotamia means/ the land between two rivers
The first civilization in the Ancient Middle East Sumeria
B.C MEANS Before Christ
A.D. MEANS Anno Domini or the Year of our Lord
4,400,000 B.C. is before of after 8000 B.C BEFORE
to be tamed for human use is the definition of domesticate
the largest neolithic village discovered so far was the village of Catal Huyak in Turkey
Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus or Homo Sapien discovered Fire Homo Erectus
Louis and Mary Leakey provided most of what we konw about the Homo Homo Habilis
The first Hominid specie believed to leave Africa was Homo Erectus
The development of this ???????? allowed an oder generation to pass on culture to the younger generations enabling new gnerations to build upon knowledge of the past Language
diety is another word for god
the first known empire is Mesopotamis was the Akkad
the Cro-Magnon is believed to be the first Homo Sapien Sapien
name the four earlies river valley civilization Tigris and Euphrates (Modern Day Iraq), the Nile, The Indus River Valley (India and Pakistan) and the Huang He (China)
The sharing of ideas between cultures which often became possible because of Trade is aldo known as cultural diffusion
it is believed that ??????? originated in records priest, kept record of items of religious offerings, records of leaders, kings victories, legal codes and medical texts writing
Literal is defined as a concern mainly with facts
stories explaining how world was formed, how people came into being and what they owned their creators are known as myths
The culture known as experts at war that was the first to use iron weapons were the Hittites
The civiliation in the Fertile Crescent in which the biblical leader Nebuchadnezzar came from was the Chaldeans
The Persians divided the fertile crescent into provinces known as satraps and its governors were known as satrapies
The Persians were polytheistic and were called to reform by their prophet Zoroaster who started a religion known as Zoroastorism, this prophet is believed to have influenced the three monotheistic religions which are Christianity, Judaism and Islam
Language that is meant to be interpreted as stated literal
language that is not intended to be interpreted in a literal sense figurative
a _________ is the underlying message or meaning theme
a _________ is something that has a meaning in itself and also suggests more than it represents -for example quality, attitude, belief symbol
a struggle between two opposing forces is called a ____________ conflict
the theory that states that complex organisms develop from simpler ones is called evolution
the theory of evolution proposed by Charles Darwin (1849) that explains how plants and animals arose and continued to survive over the passage of time by constantly adapting to changes in their environment (survival of the fittest) is called Darwinism
____________ is learned behavior (RESTS model) Culture
The RESTS model includes five items, they are Religion, _________, social and political organization, ____________ and symbolic expression economics, technology
_____________ is the interpretations made by analyzing material and drawing conclusions, they are based on facts but are not facts inference
a __________ is a narrative, a _________ is a story that presents the beliefs of a people and/or explains a phenomenon which they do not understand while a _________ is a narrative passed down whose truth is popularly accepted but cannot be verified story, Myth, legend
the power to see things/objects in relationship to each other is called perspective
the ________a religious book that conveys religious truths, not necessarily scientific or historical truths the bible
beginnings ( in the bible) genesis
an agrrement or a promise or a contrat is called a covenant
the male who is head of the clan is known as the patriarch
a _____or_________is a person who possesses and displays outstanding qualities such as courage, intelligence, leadership etc hero/heroine
a number of families claiming a common ancestor is known as a _____ clan
many clans together is called a tribe
a group of people with a common interest living together within a larger society is known as a community
a ceremony can also be known as a ritual
a person who has no permanent home but wanders from place to place either individually or as part of a group generally in search of food and water is known as a _____ nomad
the forced removal of a person from one's home or country; one who separates himself/herself from home or country is called exile
to exclude from a group by common consent is to ostracize
a representation of the speech patterns of a particular region or social group. A dialect differs from the standard speech of a country in sentence pattern, vocabulary and pronunciation dialect
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