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ICD -10


When a patient has a blood test for HIV that is inconclusive, what ICD-10-CM code is assigned R75
What does MRSA stand for Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
What does the fourth character in diabetes mellitus diabetes codes indicates any complication associated with diabetes
When do you codes acute respiratory failure as a secondary diagnosis when it occurs after admission
When the type of diabetes mellitus is not documented in the medical note, what is used as the default type type 2
When is it appropriate to use history of malignancy, from category Z85 it has been excised, no evidence of any existing primary malignancy , and there is no further treatment directed to the site
If a patient uses insulin, what type of diabetic does it mean the patient is the use of insulin does not specify the patient is a certain type of diabetic
Pneumonia due to adenovirus. What ICD-10-CM code is reported J12.0
A 50 year old patient has been diagnosed with elevated blood pressure. The patient does not have a history of hypertension. The ICD-10-CM code to report is R03.0
Patient with postoperative anemia due to acute blood loss during the surgery needs a blood transfusion. What ICD-10-CM code is reported D62
In ICD-10-CM, what condition is reported as the default code when the provider documents urosepsis the provider must be queried before an ICD-10-CM code can be applied
According to ICD-10-CM guidelines, when a patient is seen for management of anemia due to malignancy how is it reported the malignancy is reported first, followed by the code for the anemia
When it is documented that the patient is both using tobacco and has a dependence on tobacco, how is this reported in ICD-10-CM? the dependence on tobacco is the only code reported based on the hierarchy in the ICD-10-CM guidelines
According to ICD-10-CM guidelines, what is the length of time for a myocardial infarction to be considered acute four weeks (28 days)
According to the ICD-10-CM guidelines, how is glaucoma reported one code is used to report the stage of glaucoma; the type of glaucoma is not reported
What ICD-10-CM code is used for the first episode of an acute myocardial infarction I21.3
What diagnosis code is reported for secondary neoplasm of the descending colon C78.5
What ICD-10-CM code is reported for a patient who is a habitual abuser of cannabis? F12.10
Patient is admitted to the hospital with streptococcal group B severe sepsis which has caused pneumonia A40.1 , J15.3 , R65.20
A 70 year old patient with COPD is admitted to the hospital for acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma. What diagnosis code is reported? J44.1
What is the sequencing order when coding a sequela (late effect) the residual condition is coded first, and the code(s) for the cause of the late effect are coded as secondary
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