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The Maya

When did they live? 800 BCE - 1500
How many calendars did they have? 2
What did they study? math and astronomy
How did they get food? agriculture
Where were they located? in Mesoamerica (Mexico and Central America)
How did they disappear? it is a mystery
What did the men do? Study stars, farm and build
What did the women do? housekeeping, wove clothes, took care of children
What did they use to work? Simple machines instead of complex ones, and they used man power
What was the class structure like? King Nobles and Priests Merchants and Artisans Peasants Slaves
What did they do to make life better, or impress the Gods, for rain, crops and health? They made human sacrifice
How many gods did they have? They were POLYTHEISTIC.
What were stars? Each star was a God
Where did they bury their Kings? In pyramids
What did they think was beautiful? Being cross eyed having tattoos
They made a calendar on what? wheel
What is Pok-ta-Pok? A game in a field, they have to hit the ball with their hips
What did they use instead of money? chocolate
Did they use letters for writing? They used picture writing - Glyphs
Who does their king descend from? God
What were 2 ways people came to the Americas? By the Bering Land Bridge or by boat
Who did the Mayans learn from? Olmecs
•had hundreds of buildings, including temples, stone pyramids, and palaces •large, paved plazas were gathering places •most Mayans lived in farming villages surrounding a city Maya cities
•3 main groups: nobles, a middle class, and commoners Maya society
•People born into powerful families (king, high officials, and priests) Maya Society (nobles)
•Lower ranking lords and higher ranking commoners (minor officials, soldiers, scribes, craft workers) made up the middle class Maya Society (middle class)
•Most Mayans raised crops Maya Society (commoners)
Extended family •included an older couple, their children, and their grandchildren •lived in a group of simple houses around a central patio Maya social unit
•maya region= dozens of independent city-states •each city-state had its own king •nobles helped run the government •kings increased power by warfare •fought over control of trade routes and land Maya Government
Developed the number 0 Mayan mathematicians
365 days long, based on rotation of earth around the sun Mayan calendar
built to honor the gods Mayan pyramids
crop cultivated by the Maya maize (corn)
highlands with warm temperatures year round and rain April to October and highland volcanoes produced rich soil south
lowlands with hot, wet climate and heavy rainfall supported dense rainforests with poor soil north
a farming technique in which trees are cut down and burned to clear and fertilize the land slash and burn agriculture
Created by: Mrs_Trawinski