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Category 2 numbers 1-25 of the Bible Bee Bible Knowledge Questions

What truth can we learn from Noah's behavior before the worldwide flood? We should be willing to speak up for God, even when it is unpopular
What was the main reason God rescued Israel from slavery in Egypt? To proclaim His glory to the whole earth
What truth can we learn from Moses' act of leading Israel out of Egypt? It is better to obey God than to fear people
Why did the walls of Jericho come crashing down? Because Israel followed God's battle plan
What courageous woman did God use to defeat Jabin, king of Canaan? Deborah
Why did God reduce the numbers of Gideon's army before it fought against the Midianites? So that He would get the glory for Israel's victory
How did God reward Ruth's loyal love for her mother-in-law, Naomi? He gave her a godly husband (Boaz) and a child (Obed) who became an ancestor of Jesus Christ
What truth can we learn from David's victory over Goliath? God uses those who trust Him and want to make Him famous
When Solomon was given the chance to ask God for anything, what did he request? The ability to lead Israel with godly wisdom
Why was the nation of Israel eventually split into two kingdoms? Because Solomon had many wives and worshipped false gods
When the Israelites were threatened by their enemies, what promise did God give them? "Do not be afraid; the battle is not yours, but Mine"
What did King Josiah do to help sinful Israel revive its love for God? He read Scripture, resolved to serve God, and removed all idols
Why did God bless Ezra and his work in Israel? Because he studied God's Word, obeyed it, and taught it to others
When Israel returned to Jerusalem after captivity in Babylon what did Ezra do? He read the Pentateuch to all the people from early morning to midday
Why did God allow Satan to take away Job's children, possessions, and health? To show Satan that Job would still love God for who He is, apart from his gifts
What truth can we learn from the life of Jeremiah, God's crying prophet? Success in God's eyes is not measured by fruitfulness but by faithfulness
When Jeremiah considered walking away from God's difficult plan for his life, what happened? God's Word burned like fire in his heart and he could not stop teaching it
According to Luke 7:1-10, for what quality did Jesus praise the centurion? his faith
What words from Mary, the mother of Jesus, show that she knew she was a sinner in need of salvation? My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior
Why did Jesus delay his visit to Bethany and let Lazarus die? To show the glory of His power in raising Lazarus from the dead
How did Mary (Lazarus' sister) show her deep love for Jesus? She anointed His feet with very expensive oil
How did Epaphras serve the Christians at Colossae? With fervent prayers that they would follow God's will
How did Paul summarize his life as a Christian, just before his death? "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. I have kept the faith"
According to Deuteronomy 10:12-13, what two things should motivate us to obey God? 1)Our love for Him, and 2)the knowledge that God's rules are given for our good
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