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World History Ch. 28

10th grade World History Vocabulary: The Rise of Totalitarianism

Flapper a woman who rejected old ways in favor of new freedoms
Prohibition U.S. ban on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages
speakeasies illegal bars
Harlem Renaissance An African American cultural awakening
psychoanalysis a method of treating mental disorders
abstract style of art that contains only lines colors and shapes. Kandinsky's style
dada a movement that rejected rational thought
surrealism art that favored irrational or unconscious ideaa
disarmament reduction of armed forces and weapons
general strike strikes by workers in many different industries at the same time.
finance the management of money matters
Federal Reserve Central banking system of the US. This was not successful because the higher interest rates made people timid to invest, therefore hurting demand
New Deal failed to end the Great depression, but eased the suffering of many. Issued by FDR
Benito Mussolini Leader of Italy. promised to end corruption and replace turmoil with order.
Black Shirts Mussolini's militants
March on Rome thousands of fascists swarmed the Italian capital to demand changes
totalitarian state Mussolini's government, where the one-party dictatorship regulates every aspect of a citizen's life.
facism any centralized authoritarian government that is not communist whose policies favor the state over the individual and are destructive to basic human rights
Kulaks wealthy Russian farmers
system of brutal labor camps
an economic system in which government makes all decisions
an artistic style that showed the Soviet Union in a positive light
state-owned farms
German workers in the _____ went on strike in 1923
The_____, the Nazi secret police, helped keep order in Germany
Hitler believed his German government, or the_____, would rule Europe for a thousand years
The 1935 _____ revoked Jews' German citizenship
The democratic Weimar Republic was led by a _______, or prime minister
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