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Mod E Unit II Vocab

Nephron the functioning unit of the kidney
Neuron nerve cell
Medulla the inner most part of an organ or structure
Glomerulus tuft or cluster, as of blood vessels, capillaries or nerves
Trigone triangular base of the bladder
Average daily urinary output 1000 - 1500 mL
What is included in a routine urinalysis physical, chemical & microscopic testing
Urine is secreted & travels through what organs Kidney -> Ureters -> Bladder -> Urethra
Diabetes mellitus and what odor does the urine excrete? excessive urination, smalls fruity, sweet; acetone
Diuratic drug that increases the rate of urination
Antidiuretic drug that decreases the rate of urination
Cystitis inflammation of the bladder
Dysuria difficult or painful urination
Nocturia excessive urination at night
Nephrolith Kidney stone
Nephroma Kidney tumor
Polyuria excessive urination
Pyelonephritis inflammation of the kidney & renal pelvis
Pyelocystitis inflammation of the bladder & renal pelvis
Pyuria pus in the urine
Uremia excess urea & waste in the blood
Edema condition in which the body tissue contains an accumulation of fluid
Ascites accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity
Meatus opening/passage; external opening of the urethra
Uretrovesical pertaining to a connection between the ureter & the bladder
Urinometer instrument used to measure the specific gravity of urine
Urethrotome instrument used to cut a urethral stricture
Urethrophraxis obstruction of the urethra
Urochrome the pigment that gives urine the normal yellow color
Under chemical examination, what is present to indicate a sign of renal disease, acute glomerulonephritis & pyelonephritis protein is present under chemical examination of urine
"Olig scanty
"New Opening stomy
-dynia pain
"plegia paralysis
"cele hernia
"vesical bladder
"plasty surgical repair
"stenosis narrowing of a passage/condition
terms used to describe emptying the bladder voic, urination, micturation
Normal color of urine yellow -> amber
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