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Ch. 19-WWII

Ch. 19-WWII

What was known as the worldwide business slump that lasted for 10 years in the world, first in the west (U.S.A.) and later the east (Europe)? The Great Depression
What new political movement was started by an Italian dictator and later used by a Germany dictator for control of the government? Fascism
Who was the Italian dictator that started fascism to take control of Italy's government? Benito Mussolini
Who was the German dictator that started fascism to take control of Germany's government? Adolf Hitler
What was the name of the political party that Adolf Hitler started that took control of the German government? The Nazis
What was used to blame the Jewish population for all the German problems that occurred after WWI, this was what the Nazis used to blame the Jews? propaganda
Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain that made a deal with Adolf Hitler to let him take over the outer part of German Czechoslovakia? Neville Chamberlain
What was the policy that Neville Chamberlain did that let Adolf Hitler take over the outer part Czechoslovakia? appeasement
What did Italian and German soldiers help Francisco Franco in Spain? Spanish Civil War
Who was the Japanese emperor that later join Germany and Italy during WWII? Emperor Hirohito
What new program was launched by the Soviet Union to establish farms under government control and increase industry in the Soviet Union? Five-Year Plan
What nation did Germany attack that cause the start of WWII? Poland
When Germany defeated France, Germany launched an air-raid in Great Britain, but Great Britain's RAF stopped Germany in what battle? Battle of Britain
What was the alliance name that was taken by Germany, Italy, and Japan during WWII? Axis Powers
What was the name that was taken by Great Britain, France, U.S.A., & Russia during WWII? Allies
What mistake that Germany made that halted their attack in Russia? They attack Russia during winter time
In June 6, 1944, the largest sea invasion was in Normandy, France, what was it called? D-DAY
Who led that D-Day invasion for the Allies during WWII? Dwight Eisenhower
Who led an island hopping campaign that pushed Japanese forces back to Japan during WWII? Douglas MacArthur
What was last two desperate, secret weapon that Japanese soldiers had against the U.S. forces during WWII? Kamikaze pilots and Kiltons
Who was the U.S. president that okay the use of the atomic bomb on Japan? Harry Truman
What two Japanese cities were the two atomic bombs dropped at? Hiroshima and Nagasaki
When west and east forces drove Nazi Germany by to Berlin, what did they found along the way which was terrible human crime? concentration camps
About how many Jewish people were slaughtered during WWII? 6 million
What new organization was step up by the U.S,A. that is located in New York City, New York? United Nations
What plan helped European nations rebuild their economics, but was refused by the Soviet Union so that they would not depend on foreign aid of the U.S.A.? Marshall Plan
Who was the young girl that wrote about her life during the 2 years and one month of hiding before she was killed in a Nazi concentration camp in 1945? Anne Frank
What was the name of the Soviet Union leader that was responsible for the reign of terror in Russia, which killed any political threat to the communist government? Joseph Stalin
Where did Japan attacked the United States that caused the United States to declare war on Japan? Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
What was the name of the U.S. President that serves 4 terms of office and led the U.S.A. into WWII? Franklin D. Roosevelt
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