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Category 1 numbers 1-25 of the Bible Bee Bible Knowledge Questions

According to Acts 12, what service do angels provide for Christians? They protect them from danger
Why did God brag about Job to Satan? Because Job demonstrated a love for God and a hatred for evil
Why did Noah offer a sacrifice to God after the Flood? To show his gratitude for God's protective care
How did Noah demonstrate his love for God while building an ark? He did whatever God told him to do
Which Old Testament person was called a friend of God? Abraham
After Israel passed through the Red Sea on dry ground and the Egyptians drowned, what did Moses do? He wrote a song of praise to God
How did Samson lose his great strength? He disobeyed God by breaking his Nazirite vow
After Saul's death, which of his descendants was treated kindly by King David? Mephibosheth
Which of David's sons built Israel's first temple? Solomon
Ruth showed God's kindness by taking care of her mother-in-law. Who was her mother-in-law? Naomi
What was the result of Queen Esther's courageous actions on behalf of her people? The nation of Israel was saved from extinction
When Jonah warned Nineveh of God's judgement, how did its citizens respond? They believed God and turned from their sin
When Stephen was being stoned for following Jesus, what did he pray regarding his enemies? That God would not hold the sin of murdering him against them
As a result of Paul and Silas's concern for the jail keeper, what happened? He and his family trusted in Jesus for salvation
What was Paul's main goal in life? To magnify Jesus
In his letter to the Philippians, what instruction did Paul give to Euodia and Syntyche? Live in harmony in the Lord
According to Ephesians 4:32, why should Christians forgive each other? Because God has forgiven us through Christ
According to Proverbs 31:8-9, what responsibility do we have for the poor and needy? To speak up for their rights
What is the main point in Jesus's parable of the unmerciful servant? If we don't forgive others, God will make us miserable
According to Philipians 4:6, what should Christians do instead of worrying? They should pray, bringing their requests to God
According to Isaiah 40, what will come to those who wait on (hope in) the Lord? Renewed strength
What person in the Bible asked if it was right to accept good from God, but not be willing to accept hardship as well? Job
According to Psalm 42:2, what trait should characterize every Christian? A thirst for God
According to Psalms, in what ways can we celebrate the Lord? With musical instruments, clapping and lifting our hands, and with a joyful shout
According to John 13:34-35, how can Christians be effective witnesses for Jesus? By demonstrating love for one another
Created by: monkeyfan1
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