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History #2

Ali Thinks the prophet chosen after Muhammeds death should be hereditary _____ and his followers break off from main sect to form the Shi'a Move to Africa to make own living
Vestal Virgins Group of virgins committed to temple of Vesta Spent 30 years in service 10 in training 10 in service 10 in training new generation required to be virgins and checked regularly Buried alive if they were not virgins
Nika Riots Riots caused by Chariot races Races combined politics and sports Caused a riot that almost brought Byzantium to ruin
Islam Founded by Muhammad which was born in Mecca Muhammad has a vision about an angel named Gabriel Gabriel tells him teachings from God and tells Muh to spread it
Gabriel Angel that comes to Muhammad in a vision that tells him the teaching of God and tells him too spread it
Iconoclasm Rejection of religious images and symbols because it believed that people are worshiping the symbols instead of God
Corpus Juris Civilis First written code of laws by Justinian
Pax Romana Roman peace Period of relative peacefulness and minimal expansion by the Roman Empire
Eight Fold Path The path to nirvana Eight aspects in which one must practice Right views, intention, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness, and concentration
Sappho Archaic Greek poet from island of Lespos Wrote lyric poetry and is best known for her poems about love
Jewish Diaspora Exile Olispersian of Israelites, Judahites, and later Jews out of their homeland (Israel) and their settlement in other parts of the globe
Caligula Roman emperor from AD 37 - 41 Member of the house of rulers conveniently known as the Julio - Claudian Dynasty
Judaism Made up of Hebrews (first noticed in Egypt) Believed to have descended from Abraham God is Yahweh Polytheistic but main god is Yahweh info is written in Torah
Abraham Came up in Mesopotamia Believed he left meso around 1850 BC because a voice told him to
David First king of a unified independent state around city of Jeruselum
Bible Combined of parts of Torah (Old Testament) and New Testament Life and teachings of Jesus are New Testament
Christianity Started by Paul Spreads by Paul, sends Greek letters in order to get followers Broad appeal to masses because it had a measure of equality
Constantine Ruler of Byzantine Legalizes Christianity at edict of Milan In 3z5 he calls the council of Nicaea to settle issues of Christianity
Council of Nicaea First ecumenical council of the Christian church meeting in ancient Nicaea Called by emperor Constantine Settles issues in Christianity Stated that Jesus was divine being bible standardized Settles whether Christianity is mono or polytheistic
Buddhism Founded by Siddhartha Gautama When seeking salvation he sat under a tree from 49 days and answer come to him thus gaining enlightenment Became known as Buddha thus forming Buddhism
Justinian Emperor of Byzantine empire Wife was Theodora During Nicaea riots, he was ready to flee but his wife convinced him to stay and fight, thus ending the riot and saving the city
Diocletian In 28 BC, he comes to power and wants to live a long time. Believes empire was too big so he splits them in two Gives west Rome t Maximian and keeps cost (Byzantine)
Mahavira Founded Jainism At age 30, goes in search of enlightenment Took 12 years Found enlightenment by giving up all worldly possessions
Two - Spirited People In ancient North America, there were people with 2 spirits. There was female, male, 2 spirited male and 2 spirited female. Can swap between genders and are welcomed as both
Kyrios Guardians Meant to escort women in Athens
Women in Athens Women were disrespected Had guardians Divided into wives and non - wives Wives - women who are married or have potential to be married Non wives - educated, set before marriage and women of the clergy
Hinduism Practiced mostly in India Object was to escape reincarnation Move up caste system with karma and accept your place in society
Alexander Commonly known as Alexander the great Was a king and a member of the Argead Dynasty
Pederasty Relationship between a younger man and an older man
Patrician An aristocrat or nobleman
5 Pillars of Faith Shahadah: Sincerely reciting the Muslim profession of faith Salat: Performing ritual prayers in the proper way five times a day Zakat: Paying an alms (Charity) Sawm: Fasting during the month of Ramadon Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca
Theodara Empress of Byzantine empire and wife of Justinain When riot broke out they fled and Justinian was going to run but Theodora said she was gonna stay and fight it. This inspired Justinian and they disbanded the riot
Torah Central reference to Judaism Home to many Jewish writings
Paul Originally named Saul changed his name to Paul and spread Christianity through the land
Eunuch People who had their gentiles cut off and were believed to be pure Men trusted them around their wives and were often in pederastic relationships
Jesus Jesus Christ Claimed to be prophet and Romans standards claimed him not to be one so they killed him
Women in Rome Meant to be married at 12 and have babies ASAP Had to submit to their husbands Can't drink wine or they die Women that were unfaithful were killed
Sacred Band of Thebes An elite fighting force in the Greek Polis of Thebes Each member was assigned a pedrastic relationship in the group Found harder because on battlefield, the person next to them was the one they cared about most. Lovers fought side by side.
Women in China Once married, she was subject to her husband and mother in law Can't remarry when husband dies If she does remarry, her skin is peeled from her bones Famous woman: Mulan
Women in Sparta Had a lot of freedom Meant to be married by 10 or with child They could own property and move about freely Famous chant for husbands when they left were "Come back with your shield or on it."
Hetera Educated women with talents and normally worked in bathhouses Normally provided intellectual stimulus rather than sex, yet could pay to have sex
Augustus Founder of Roman Principe and considered the first Roman emperor Controlling the Roman empire from 27 BC until his death in AD 14
Claudius Roman emperor from 41 to 54 Member of Julio-Claudia dynasty First roman emperor to be born outside of Italy
Joan of Arc Only 12 when she started hearing voices Voices told her to lead french army At 19, she got put in charge of army at battle of orleans. They won and after, she is claimed to be a witch and burned at the stake.
Abu Bak'r Senior companion and through his daughter, Aisha. The father-in-law of the prophet Muhammad
Qu'ran Central religious text of Islam Muslims believe to be a revolution from God Wildly regarded as the finest work in classical Arabic literature Divided into chapters which are then divided into verses
Four Noble Truths 1. Suffering exist 2. Suffering arises from attachment to desires 3. Suffering ceases when attachment to desires ceases 4. Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing eight-fold path
Concubine Typically hetera that men took a special interest in. Men would pay for her needs in exchange for servitude. Has freedom to live alone and be soon in the streets solo
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