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FoR Final 8-14

Foundations of the Resoration

• Which section is the great revelation on 3 degrees of glory and which is on Christ receiving a fulness of Godhood grace by grace? D&C 76: 3 degrees of Glory ----- D&C 93: Christ receiving a fullness
• How did D&C 76 come about? Joseph and Sidney translating the Book of John (John5:29), and received a great vision lasting all day.
• What is universalism and Calvinism (heaven/hellism)? Calvanism: God predestined you to go to heaven or hell, doesn't matter your actions or whatever. If you're damned, you're damned ----- Universalism: God won't condemn any of his children, all humankind will eventually be saved
• What is the central premise of D&C 76? Middle ground between calvanism and universalism ----- Everyone will go to A degree of heaven, except for the sons of perdition. Degrees of glory, and the blessing with it are giving based on your testimony and obedience to Christ and his will
• Where does the concept of becoming an heir of Godhood begin? D&C 76: It's about becoming like God, not just living with him again
• What are the descriptions of who enters outer darkness, the telestial, terrestrial, and celestial degrees of heaven? The SoP are the only ones who go to outer darkness Telestial: hate Jesus, don't want to be a good person, love wickedness Terrestrial: don't want to give my life to Christ, but a good person still Celestial: love, and follow jesus. Repent
• What does D&C 88 teach about body theology of the next life? - The body is an essential part of the soul - If you harm the body, you harm the spirit - You're going to keep your body forever - celestial spirit = celestial body = celestial being.
• What does D&C 88 teach about judgment theology of the next life? - We will receive what we are willing and wanting to receive - Judge ourselves by the law we list to obey - Light loves light - people will go to the kingdom that they are willing to recieve
• What is the doctrine of grace by grace, fullness, and theosis? D&C 93: Jesus had to figure things out just like we all did. He too had to learn line upon line, precept upon precept - he received not of the fullness at the first. We too learn grace for grace as Jesus did
• What is the definition of intelligence and how do we gain it?
• What is the dictionary definition of endowment? An endowment is to receive a capacity, power, or ability; or a natural gift, ability, or quality
• What does the June 1831 conference have to do with endowment? - Joseph endowed 60 members - He made them high priests - someone with power and capacity, including the seal people up to eternal life, and being able to stand in God's presence - Some people were able to see God, but many more didn't
• What is the “great and last promise” or “promise of the Father”? Strip yourself of jealousy and fear, and humble yourself. And then you can see God and Christ, and know that he is
• What is the original purpose of the School of the Prophets? - Purpose was to sanctify a group of men to be able to see God - to fulfill the great and last promise - If you want to see God, you cannot be light minded or sacrilegious
• What practices were implemented for the School of the Prophets to accomplish their objective? - Be cleansed from your sins by a ritual washing, commit to be holy and chaste, and consecrate your life to serving God and man by covenant This is all done in the beginnings of the Temple ordinances, to rend the veil, and to see God.
• Why was the Word of Wisdom given in historical context? A means to help discipline and sanctify and create an environment for endowment. This is to prepare them to be sanctified and ready to see God
• How and when did the Word of Wisdom move from being “not by commandment” to a binding commandment? - It took about 100 years to become entrenched as a commandment for temple worthiness - In the 1920s, it became a commandment
• What is the Kirtland “endowment” and how did it happen? - Built a temple, and invited people to come to receive endowments - Angelic beings, and the visions of heaven was opened - they were endowed with the presence of God. The heavens were open to many, and great things were seen
• Who are the heavenly beings and priesthood keys committed in D&C 110? Savior: Accepts his house, declares and endowment Moses: Key of gathering of Israel, missionary work Elias: covenant blessings of exaltation and marriage Elijah: sealing power
• What is the doctrinal definition of “endowment”? The power and capacity to come into God's presence
• What is Zion and where is the city of Zion? - Zion can be a literal city, the church, the kingdom of god, or even the being of a person being one with God - Jackson County will be the new Jerusalem It is in Independence Missouri
• What are the reasons for problems in Zion? - Problems with the locals -- mormons were coming to settle, but the locals were already there - threatened by the saints numbers ○ Political, economic, cultural, and religious differences between them - The church was open to all people of colour
• Why did the city of Zion fail to be established according to the D&C? They were transgressing. They were slow to listen to God, they were prideful and lustful. They didn't build a temple
• What is the Kirtland Safety Society? - Bank. Gave people notes based on land value. If they wanted money, they had to sell the land. - National government didn't approve it - The bank failed. - Joseph and Sidney charged with illegal banking practices and fined 1000$, when the bank failed
• What is the historical apostasy in Kirtland and its causes? 9 month period, 3 witnesses of the BoM excom., lost 15% of members, 4 members of the 12, and one 1st presidency member. ○ Money lost from bank. ○ Role of prophet in personal&political affairs ○ Some felt joseph had too much power
• What is the Church’s definition of apostasy? - If you act in clear, open, and deliberate opposition against church, or church leaders - Teaching false doctrine after receiving council to quit teaching false doctrine
• Where is the new gathering place of the Church after we are driven from Independence and Kirtland? - Far west missouri - It is now the new church headquarters - The state of missouri let them live in caldwell country, like a mormon reservation (like a 1st nation reservation)
• What is Adam-ondi-Ahman and what are its future events? - It is the place were adam and eve were driven to from the garden of eden (not the garden of eden) - Coming of the son of man, Jesus Christ
• What is the “salt sermon” and who gave it? - Sidney Rigdon - If the salt has lost its savor it is trodden under foot - He is talking to church leaders who have fallen into apostacy - He gave a warning to the apostate church leaders to stay away, because they can be trodden under their foot
• What are “danites?” Zealous group, mormon malitia. They drive threats out, and apostates out
• What happened in Gallatin? - We have mormons who vote at a mormon election, but they are barred from voting because they were mormons (in this time, gender, and colour was also barred, in addition to religion) - A fight broke out
• What is the Missouri Extermination and who ordered it? Battles between the mormons and the missourians get back to the governor, and he says they are enemies, and orders the extermination. Governor Boggs
• What happened at Haun’s Mill? A local mob slaughters everyone. 19 killed
• Where was Joseph Smith incarcerated and why? Taken to liberty jail b/c charged with treason
• Where are the saints driven to when we flee Missouri? Who receives us? Driven to, and received by Quincy Illinois
• What is the Nauvoo role of Hyrum Smith and his effect upon the Church? Prophet, seer, revelator, all the keys that was once on Oliver Cowdry is now on him. Ordained as assistance president, taking Oliver's place (because he left the church)
• What are doctrines related to how baptisms for the dead were performed, and related to our salvation? - It is necessary for our salvation - Baptismal font - The saints baptize relatives who they thought would receive it ○ This was changed to baptize everyone and let them decide in heaven if they would receive it - You should have a recorder
• What is the “bold doctrine” given to God’s servants? - If a prophet does something in the name of the lord faithfully and righteously, it becomes a law on earth, and in heaven. God stands by his prophets in every dispensation
• What is the historical content of an “Angel”? Someone with a body of flesh and bone
• What are the keys to detecting true messengers from false ones? - If you feel them, trust them (resurrected being) - Righteous spirit: it will refuse to shake hands with you and hold his ground - Wicked spirit: they will try to take your hand but you will feel nothing, or he will shrink away
• What is the 2nd comforter? The Lord Jesus Christ
• What are two future Urim and Thummims and their purposes? The earth (where the inferior kingdoms will be manifest), and a white seer stone (given to each person in the celestial kingdom)
• What is the definition and acquisition of intelligence? Intelligence = light and truth (spiritual knowledge). Also our capacity to receive and apply truth. Knowledge comes by diligence, intelligence comes by obedience
• What are the purposes (then and now) of the Relief Society? - Then ○ Provoke the brethren to good works ○ Admitted worthy women ○ Spiritual gifts - Today ○ Largest womens organization ○ Everyone a part of it at 18 "build faith and personal righteousness, strengthen families and homes and help those in need"
• What were the practices of the Relief Society related to admitting members, gifts of the Spirit, healings, and preparation for the endowment? - Vote members in (only worthy women) - excersised the gifts of the spirit (speaking in tongues, healing, prophesying, etc.) - healed. People would go to the relief society for healing - school of the prophetesses: preparation for the endowment
• What is the “Voice of Innocence” document? - Includes plural marriage as a form of immorality - Document by Emma Smith to say immorality was wrong, including the above - Joseph blames this document of the apostacy of some men. These men eventually are involved in the arrest and murder of Joseph.
• When did the Relief Society cease and why? - Shut down by Brigham Young - Emma uses her position to try and stop plural marriage. If she is RS president, then her decision is law, and she says the women can’t accept plural marriage
• Where was the introduction of the temple endowment in Nauvoo?
• What is the Quorum of the Anointed? The group that received the endowments first (9 men I believe)
• What are the origins of the endowment and its relationship to free masonry? - Began in Kirtland in June 1831 on the Morley farm - First endowment ceremony was in the top of the red brick store, and lasted 12 hours - They have rituals, tell legends, wear certain clothing, etc., lots of which is similar to the temple endowment
• What is the freemasonry apostasy theory of endowment? Masonry is like an apostate version of the original temple endowment rituals given to early patriarchs
• What is the freemasonry adoption theory of endowment? Joseph adopted and altered effective masonic elements and used them to communicate eternal spiritual ideas revealed to him
• What are the central premises of the King Follett discourse? - Who is God? How did God become God? Who are we, and how do we become Gods? - God himself was once a man ○ Dwelt on an earth, died, resurrected, and became a God, like all other Gods before him. Eternal progression - We also have a heavenly mother
• What is the Nauvoo role of John C. Bennett and his effect upon the Church? - Mayor, Major-General, Chancellor ○ Got baptized. Develops "spiritual wifery": he can do whatever he wants, and doesn't need marriage to have intimate relations (connected in spirit) ○ Becomes anti-mormon after being excom., speeches against mormonism
• What is the Nauvoo role of William Law and his effect upon the Church? - 2nd councilor in the 1st presidency. Turning point: plural marriage ○ "If an angel came to me implemeting plural marriage, I would murder that angel" - He was excommunicated. Published anti-mormon newspaper. Directly involved in Joseph's death
• What is “calling and election”? - Man is sealed up into the heavens and he has the promise of eternal life - While you are still on the earth, God seals you up into eternal life - A higher ordinance beyond being endowed or sealed. Having your calling and election made sure
• What is the “Holy Spirit of Promise” in content of D&C 132? You are sealed up and promised eternal life
• What ordinance is required for exaltation and to become like God? The new and everlasting covenant of marriage
• What is the definition of the new and everlasting covenant of marriage? Eternal marriage and sealing between one man and one woman
• What is meant by “eternal increase”? To have children in the celestial glory
• What are THREE reasons why the Church practiced plural marriage according to D&C 132? - The Lord commanded it - To restore all things - To multiply and replenish the earth, and to raise up seed unto God (to help establish a house of isreal)
• What are the details of Joseph Smith’s practice of plural marriage? (when, how implemented, how many wives, ages, relationships with them, etc.) - There are about 12 for sure - First wife (maybe) was Fanny Alger in kirtland between 1833-1835 - Most scholars settle in at about 30 wives - Average age: about 28 - Sometimes they were married just for eternity, but had no relation beyond that
• What is polyandry? When a woman is married to more than one man
• What is some of the theology of plural marriage, including dynastic sealings or the law of adoption? - You're adopted into families of the prophets to be sealed up to God - Joseph wanted to seal people up to him to be exalted with him. Sealed on earth=sealed in heaven - The early church didn't seal vertically but got sealed to the prophets horizontally
• What type of doctrine is plural marriage? - Policy Doctrine (odious?) - Application that applied to certain individuals at a certain times in certain circumstances
• Is plural marriage required for exaltation? No
• What does the law of obedience and sacrifice have to do with plural marriage? - Be willing to sacrifice to do things that God asks you to do, even when they're hard. - Prove your obedience and love - God doesn't ask us to do plural marriage, but he asks us to do other hard things
• What are the parallels between Joseph Smith’s death and the Savior’s? Joseph knew his whole life that he was going to die. Joseph talked to the apostles, just like christ, and said that he was going to die (or that the responsibility was now on the apostles, in Joseph's words)
• Why was Brigham Young was followed by the majority of Church members? What was the key reason? Brigham was a strong leader and was able to establish the saints to be self-sufficient. He was a great colonizer and leader.
• What major initiatives is Brigham Young responsible for today in the Church? - Plural marriage - Restriction on blacks and priesthood - Sunday school, RS, YM/YW - Educational system - Law of consecration - Store and save food - Children born in the covenant - Reorganized the priestood and structure of the church
• What is the process of prophetic succession today? - Councilors retake their seats in the quorum of the 12 - The senior most apostle - the president of the quorum of the 12 - becomes president after a unanimous vote - The new president calls councilors
• Who is Joseph III, his claims, and his movement? Says he received a laying on of hands, a prophetic blessing, and a setting apart, but also says that he wasn't actually ordained
• What are some of the other main breakoffs today and with whom do they begin (Community of Christ, RLDS, FLDS, Bickertonies, Hedrickites)? - William Bickerton: Church of Jesus Christ - Hedrick: Church of Christ, Temple Lot - James Strang: strangites, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (non hyphonated) ○ Fundamentalist (FLDS) - Emma/JS III: Community of Christ, RLDS. Reorganized
• Who is James Strang, his claims, and his movement? - Not many people follow him, but some important people follow him - Claims that Joseph appointed him to be the leader after his death. The letter was faked - He became King of Beaver Island -- where they went Two followers assasinated him lol
• What are the main events and characters leading up to Joseph’s martyrdom? -- Plural Marriage Some people take the revelation on plural marriage hard. Emma writes the "Voice of Innocence" document.
• What are the main events and characters leading up to Joseph’s martyrdom? -- William Law, Wilson Law, and the Nauvoo Expositor William wrote charges against Joseph in the Nauvoo expositor. William is "Judas". He tries to turn Emma against Joseph. He also attempts to assassinate Joseph.
• What are the main events and characters leading up to Joseph’s martyrdom? -- Charles and Robert Foster Excommunicated and leave to form a new church (along with the Laws)
• What are the main events and characters leading up to Joseph’s martyrdom? -- Francis and Chauncey Higbee Both excommunicated for seducing women. Both the Laws and the Higbees form a private meeting against Joseph in which they recruit, and then threaten to kill two teenage boys when they wouldn't take a vow against Joseph
• What are the main events and characters leading up to Joseph’s martyrdom? -- Thomas Sharp Turns against the saints, and writes anti-Mormon rhetoric. William Law publishes this.
• What is the law of adoption and how/when did it end? Law of adoption: we don't know who to seal people to, so let's seal them to the prophets - In 1894, wilford woodruff changes this and has them do sealings vertically The law of adoption stops with this revelation
• How, why, and when did plural marriage end (OD 1)? - Church is not going to teach and advocate plural marriage anymore - But it didn't mean plural marriage was stopped right then. They let it take time to die off - The point was that they were not going to promote it anymore
• Why was slavery and democracy associated with the ending of plural marriage? - "mormons are more similar to african americans or natives than to whites" - Mormon polygamy isn't "white" or "democratic". Anything that isn't white, christian, eauropean, and monogamous, is barbaric - Republicans go after polygamy and slavery.
• What is the name of the Federal act that disenfranchised the Church and seized its assets? - Edmunds-Tucker act Targeted the church. If the church continues to practice polygamy, the federal government will take everything, leaders imprisoned, and the church discontinued
• What is the 2nd manifesto? - Joseph F Smith in 1904 - We are DONE with plural marriage. Even in Canada and Mexico. No new plural marriages allowed, but those already in plural marriages can keep going.
• What is the historicity of restricting black Africans from priesthood office—when, who, why it was started? - We were originally very open to everyone, then became segregated, and then were open again - Brigham restricted blacks and the priesthood - We don't know why this happened. There are no clear origins. So you have to be careful with accusations
• What is the Church’s doctrine on race? - All are alike unto God; black/white, bond/free, male/female - The church always had an open baptism policy. We also ordained them to priesthood offices - The mormons honoured the equality of everyone, including blacks and natives
• What were the names of black men who were ordained to the priesthood during Joseph Smith’s time? Elijah Able and Q. Walker Lewis
• When did the priesthood restriction begin and by who? - Began by Brigham Young in 1852. Began in the year the Utah was designated to be a slave holding territory
• What were some factors that contributed to the priesthood restriction? - Brigham explained that the seed of Able should receive the priesthood and blessings before the seed of Cain "The time will come when they (blacks) will have the privilege that we (whites) have, and more"
• What is Official Declaration #2 and who received it? Kimball. He wanted to be sure that the restriction should end through revelation.
• What are the Church’s official teachings today why black Africans were denied priesthood offices/ temple ordinances? The church disavows any explanations. None are part of the official doctrines of the church
• What is the year The Family Proclamation was announced? 1995
• What is the doctrinal status of the proclamation? Core doctrine from the Harmonized Scriptures
• What is the difference between scripture and canon (standard work)? - Scripture: the mind, will, and voice of the Lord that leads people to salvation - Canon: "the volumes of scriptue officiall accepted by the Church, including the Bible BoM, D&C, and PogP"
• When will the restoration be complete? It is continuing to be restored until it is in its perfect state
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