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Phlebotomy & Patient

Care of Patient in Phlebotomy

What is the single most important safeguard with patients? Hand Washing
What are the two settings of phlebotomy employment? Stationary Lab, Mobile Lab.
How does a phlebotomist prevent cross contamination? Practice Universal Precautions
If a patient does not want their blood drawn the phlebotomist must do what ? respect their rights
Who orders lab tests? MD, PA, or NP
Who cancels Lab Tests? MD
What information must be on the patients test samples? Date/Time, Initials of collection, Patient's name, & unique identifier
True or False It is acceptable to draw blood from a mastectomy patient's arm on the same side as the mastectomy? FALSE
True or False If a patient has an active IV it is acceptable to draw blood above the IV. False
True or False Cleaning the venepuncture site should be done in a circular movement away from the center. True
If a patient is allergic to shellfish what are you to be sure not to use? Betadine as a cleanser
What is an alternative material for gloves when a patient has laytex allergy? Nitrile or PVC
What are common medications for thinning the blood? Aspirin, Coumadin, Warfarin, Heparin, TPA, Streptokinase
What should you ask on an order for Therapeutic Drug levels? Time and amount of last dose.
What sick patients are susceptible to blood clots? Diabetes, Stroke patients
What is the term for a swollen, red and hot bruise. Thrombophebitis
Which patient diseases are important for infection control? Diabetes, Cancer, Transplants,
What is a fasting test? When a patient does not eat or drink for 8 to 12 hours before the test.
If a patient feels faint what should you do? Stop the blood draw and have patient lie down.
Ask the patient what to confirm their identity? Name and Date of birthdate
With a child patient who has the right to refuse blood work? Parent or guardian. Not the child
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