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Theolody ch 6

study guide

Why did God become man in Jesus Christ? to save us by reconciling with God to reveal the depth of Jesus love to serve as a model of holiness to enable is to partake in gods nature
Matthew showed Jesus was part of the Chosen People called jesus the Son of David, Son of Abraham
Why did Matthew include women? to show God is full of suprises
What two theological points was Luke making in his genealogy? 1) Jesus is indeed human and a descendant f the first humans 2) Jesus was the Son of God
The genealogies are not meant to be comprehensive True
Joseph was the foster father not biological father but also had legal right to claim to be a descendant of David
Mary did not die before Jesus' began his public life true
Jesus experienced all the physical and emotional things that challenge us which is: - Hunger and thirst - Endured insults and in jury - Deserted by his friends - Tired, and afraid, and sad, and angry - Tempted, and yet never sinned.
Matthew spoke to Jews christians
How many women appeared? five
Tamar harlot (prostitute)
Rahab prostitue
Bathsheba had an adulterous affair w/ King David
Luke spoke to Gentile christians
Luke's point Jesus is truly human; son of Adam, the ancestor of all human beings; but also, Son of God
Differences in the names of the ancestors of Matthew and Luke - Not intended to be comprehensive - Condensed summaries of the lineage of Jesus - Done to aid in memorization for early Christians who would pass on the stories orally
before public ministry Jesus worked as a carpenter
Jesus was raised in Jewish faith
Jesus was circumcised the eighth day after birth in accord with Jewish law
Where did Jesus grow up most his life Nazareth
Jesus is both God and man true
St. Hilary of Poitiers was acclaimed a bishop by his citizens after devoting to dispelled the heretical belief of Arianism true
What languages did Jesus know? Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew (Grew up speaking Aramaic)
In the schooling Jesus received there was a lot of memorization
What is temptation? the inducement to sin that comes through some sort of persuasion or the promise of a good or pleasure
Like every human being, Jesus hd the same kind of experiences that all of us do; hunger, thirst, and exhaustion true
The human spirit has two parts which are? the intellect and free will
Jesus was tempted for _ days in the desert and Peter tempted him t be what? 40; a worldly Messiah
What did Satan tempt Jesus to do? aka the greatest temptation turn away from his mission of his Passion and crucifixion
Neither angles in heaven nor he himself knew the day or hour of the world ending true
Jesus had immediate knowledge of the Father and the secret thoughts of people true
What are some human emotions Jesus showed? wept, anger, needed solitude but enjoyed human companionship, troubled, stressed, and sorrowfu
Response to anger is evil itself true
Two explanations for the New testaments references to Jesus' "brothers and sisters" 1) close relatives
What caused some religious authorities to see Jesus as a threat? he taught on his own authority; not quoting rabbis
To his neighbors, Jesus seemed extraordinary false
Jesus was a real human being, who, though sorely tempted, never sinned true
Old testament prophecies born of the tribe of Judah, house of David, in Bethlehem, of a virgin, and worshiped by kings from afar, and perform great miracles
New Testament prophecies be betrayed sold for forty pieces of silver, suffer fr our sins, be led like a sheep to slaughter, hands and feet pierced
Jesus was mocked by Gentiles
Denied how many times by Peter three
The fulfillment of his prophecies supported his claims to be on a divine mission false
"Son of Man" Jesus' favorite title; emphasizes human nature and he was a supernatural figure
Second Isaiah wrote the Fourth suffering Servant encouraged the exiled Israelites in Babylon true
Jesus read a passage from Isaiah before returning to his hometown true
What was Jesus proclaiming about Isaiah's prophecy? the Messiah was actually coming
two points were made when he defended hid audience no prophet is honored in his own country God's ppl would reject the Messiah and God would take his message to the Gentiles
The incident at Nazareth teaches the people really did no want to accept the Messiah nor believe in him when he had come false
Messiah was to be flashy, forceful, military
Irony of the blind man he couldn't see but knew Jesus was God, where the crowd could see but did not see he was God
Most people did not believe that Jesus was a great prophet false
Some of the opponents of Jesus could not deny his miracles, but said Satanic true
Jesus performed miracles to help conclude that Jesus is the Son of God
Jesus was charged with blasphemy
No credible historians deny the existence of Jesus true
There are numerous references to Jesus outside the official canon of Sacred Scripture that date back to which century Second
He sought the Roman emperor for advice on how Christians should be investigated, tried, and punished; : 62-113 AD; Trajan saw Christians as potentially dangerous Pliny the younger
The ancient source inaccurately assumed tat a Jewish disturbance in Rome in AD 49 was caused by Chrestus, a likely misspelling of the name Jesus ; roman biographer. Wrote about an incident (41-54), an instigation of Chrestus Suetonius
This source chronicles how the Emperor Nero blamed the great fire in Rome on the Christians, which gave him an excuse to persecute them; : c. 55-117 AD, roman historian, pagan Tacitus
Josephus Jewish historian, mentioned John the Baptist , reference to the rule of Pontius Pilate
Two qualities that define out human nature - Human body - Immortal soul
The human soul, or spirit, has two faculties: intellect and free will - Jesus’ intellect enabled him to reason, learn, and reflect upon his emotions - His will allowed him to choose between good and evil - Had emotions and made choices - His humanity like ours in all things but SIN
a reference to a human being, as distinct from God. Son of Man
is a supernatural figure who will come to judge humanity Son of Man
4 kinds of miracles Physical healing Exorcism Nature Raising of the Death
Demonstrate Jesus’ power over sin, and reveal who Jesus is Physical healing
Performed by Jesus to establish his power over Satan Exorcism
Attest to Jesus’ power over nature Nature
Mastery over life and death Raising of the Death
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