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HA Chapter 14, 15

HA Chapter 14, 15 Metz

Capitalism Private or corporate ownership of the means of control in a free, competitive market of supply and demand
Mercantilism European economic policy between the 16th & 18th centuries-Gov't should regulate trade (with gold or silver) for the greater strength of the state.
Hernan Cortes Spanish explorer who overthrew the Aztec Empire in 1519 claiming the Americas for Spain.
Moctezuma II Last emperor of the Aztec Empire (1522)
Francisco Pizarro Spanish conquistador who defeated the last emperor of the Incan Empire (1532)
Charles V Spanish & Holy Roman Emperor (16th Century)
Philip II Absolute Monarch of Spain for 42 years. Grandson of Charles V
Martin Luther German Catholic monk who protested against the Church. Started the Protestant Reformation in 1517 and ultimately began the Lutheran Church
95 Theses Reasons why the Catholic Church was wrong according to the Bible (Luther). Trying to get the corruption out of the church and challenging the authority of the church.
Indulgences In the Roman Catholic Church, the forgiveness of sins by a payment.
John Calvin Protestant reformer from Switzerland.
Henry VIII English monarch who broke away from the Catholic Church because he wanted a divorce. Started the Church of England (Anglican Church)
Council of Trent Catholic Reformation from 1545-1563 reaffirming the basic doctrines of the Catholic Church.
Jesuits Ignatius Loyola founded this organization to carry out religious (Catholic) education throughout the world
Elizabeth I English Queen (1558-1603) and daughter of Henry VIII who allied England with Protestant forces throughout Europe. Fought Spain and won
Spanish Armada Fleet of ship that were supposed to be the strongest in the world. Defeated by the British in 1588.
Louis XIV Absolute Monarch from France who ruled for 72 years. "The Sun King"
Deficit Spending When a country spends more money than it takes in.
Peter the Great Absolute Monarch from Russia in the 1700's. Helped Russia to westernize to be more like Europe.
Ottoman Empire Powerful Muslim Empire (1299-1918) that encompassed Asia Minor and SE Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa
Samurai Japanese Warriors
Shogun Head of the Japanese warrior class and ruled Japan until the 1800's
Columbian Exchange When items (crops, animals, disease) were made know from the Americas to Europe, Africa, & Asia and vice versa.
Atlantic Slave Trade When over 10,000,000 Africans were bought and shipped to the Americas.
Created by: mmetz