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Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Social Studies Study Cards

a sea fort in Charleston, South Carolina, notable for two battles of the American Civil War. fort sumter
a talented military leader who joined the confederacy robert e. lee
delaware, maryland, kentucky and missouri were all... border state
a slogan summarized the strategy used before the Civil War of 1861–1865 by pro-secessionists in the Southern States (the future Confederacy) to claim the feasibility of secession and to prove there was no need to fear a war with the Northern States. king cotton
designed to smother the south's economy like a giant anaconda snake squeezing its prey. anaconda plan
armed forced that prevented the transportation of goods or people into or out of an area. blockade
July 21 1861, general irvin mcdowell clashed with confederate forces headed by general pierre beauregard near a creek called bull run. first battle of bull run
conditions and practices that promote health- resulted in widespread sicknesses. hygiene
a gun with a grooved barrel that causes a bullet to spin through the air. rifle
a bullet with a hollow base minie ball
warships covered with iron (vast improvements of wooden ships) iron clad
a victorious union general in the west. "find out where your enemy is, get him as soon as ou can, strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on." ulysses s. grant
the fiercest battle fight the civil war had yet seen. battle of shiloh
soldiers on horseback cavalry
Lee and McClellan's army clashed for June 25 to July 1, 1862 seven days' battles
the bloodiest day in all of american history, as a confederate officer laetr described it. battle of antietam
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