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basic med. rootwords

the basic medical terminology root words

Hepat Liver
ile ileum
pyloro pylorus
viscero body organs
laparo abdomen
myxo mucus
stoma mouth
adeno gland
calculi stone
cele tumor,cyst,hernia
cyto cell
glyco sugar
homeo same
lingua tongue
lip fat
lith stone
madaro falling hair
pyo pus
radi rays
thermic heat
arthro joint
carpo wrist
chondro cartilage
costa ribs
cranio skull
dactyl fingers
ili hip
manus hand
myel bone marrow
myo muscle
ortho straighten
osteo bones
pedi foot
spondyl vertebra
cutis skin
dent teeth
derma skin
hapsia touch
odont teeth
onco tumor
onychia nail beds
pedicular lice
prurigo itching
psora itch
sarco flesh
sclero hardening tissue
squama scaly
tricho hair
chole bile
colon large intestines
emesis vomiting
entero intestine
gastro stomach
glosso tongue
tracheo trachea, windpipe
rhin nose
pulmo lungs
ptysis to spit
pneumo lung
pleura rib side
pector breast, chest
oxy oxygen, keen
oro mouth
naso nose
laryngo larynx, voice box
ectasis expansion
cili hairlike processes
brancho bronchi, airway
ventricu heart cavity
vena vein
vaso blood vessel
varico varicose veins
thrombo blood clot
phleb vein
hema blood
emia blood
emboli vessel obstruction
cardio heart
arterio artery
angio vessel
aortal aorta, main artery
cysto bladder
glomerulo nephron part/little ball
nephro kidney
peritoneo lining of abdominal organs
pyelo pelvis
reni kidney
uretero ureters
urethro urethra
uri urine
urina urine
uro urine
bulbo bulblike, bulbourethral gland
cervi neck, uterus
galacto milk
genito reproductive system
hyster uterus
lactin milk
mast breast
metr uterus
natal born
oophoro ovary
orchido testicle
ova, ovi, ovo egg
salping tube, fallopian
sperma, spermato seed
vas duct, vessel
creatinine a waste material in urine
oto ear
parietes paritel, wall part
pons bridges
tempora temporal
oculo eye
neuro nerves
meningo membranes, spinal cord
occiput back of skull
medulla brain middle
esthesia sensation
encephalo brain
cerebro brain
audio sound
ophthalmo eye
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