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World History

World History II / Great Depression Review

the guiding principal that was a major part of the.....economic policies was that the government must assume greater responsibility for helping the american people newdeal
the four causes of the great depression were, .......overproduction,high tariffs, and trade restrictions and ....... stock market crash , shady banking practices
The .........region was affected most by the ..... Great Plains, Dust Bowl
The .... farmers migrated ...... in search of work and a new home displaced, west
The three components to FDR's New Deal were ..... recovery, reform, relif
The most important issue targeted by FDR's New Deal was ..... unemployment
The ......helped build dams and power plants to provide cheap....to 7 southern states. TVA, electric power
To target unemployment, FDR's developed the ...... and the ..... TVA, CCC
The New Deal changed American political thinking because it was believed that the federal government should attempt to solve the ........ and ......... problems facing the country. Social, Economic
Bad ...... practices and a ten year...... were two causes of the Dust Bowl Farming, Drought
........ was the name given to groups of ........... or makeshift houses that poor people lived in during the depression. Hoovervilles, shacks
The ....... intended to send Mexican - American .......back to Mexico Mexican Repatriation Act (MRA), immigrants
To restore the public's faith in financial institutions, Roosevelt created the ....... and the .......... SEC, WPA
FDR's response to the global depression was a policy of active ..... Government Economic Inntervention
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