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Mid. Ages

(Mooresville) Middle Ages

First few centuries of the Middle Ages when the advancements of the Romans were lost Dark Ages
People who overran Western Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire Barbarians
The most powerful institution in Western Europe during the Middle Ages Catholic Church
Head of the Catholic Church Pope
Men that show their devotion to God by separating themselves from society to lead a holy life. Monks
Female version of a monk Nun
People responsible for giving medical treatment, educating, and copy works of literature during the Middle Ages Monks
Although they were at the head of feudal systems in Europe, they did not have a lot of power, due to the fact they did not have armies. Kings
Noblemen who owned land and the peasants who lived there under the feudal system. Lords
Peasants who were owned by a lord and worked his land. Serfs
Hired by a lord to protect his land and serfs Knight
Build by a lord as a home and for protection Castle
System that dominated Europe during the Middle Ages that involved greater and lesser lords, along with obligations between the different levels in society. Feudalism
What a person's wealth was based on in the Middle Ages Land
What the eastern side of the Roman Empire became after the western side fell to Barbarians Byzantine Empire
Wealthy capital of the Byzantine Empire Constantinople
What religion were the invaders who threatened the Byzantine Empire during the Middle Ages Muslim
The Byzantine Emperor sought help from this person to defend him from the Muslim Turks Pope
Christians who fought in the Crusade were called this Crusaders
City that is part of what Christians AND Muslims regard as the Holy Land Jerusalem
Who won the first crusade? Christians
How many were there total? Eight
Who won the Crusades overall? Muslims
Italian explorer who travelled to Asia during the Middle Ages and wrote a book that would inspire future exploration. Marco Polo
Devastating sickness this is said to have killed 25 million people during the Middle Ages Black Plague
What caused the spread of the Black Plague Fleas
English king who was forced to sign a document that would limit his powers. King John
Document that England's king John had to sign. Magna Carta
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