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Vocabulary for Africa Test

Civilization A culture that has reached a certain level of development.
Irrigation System Ditches built to control the flooding and water the land.
City-State A small state or nation.
Theocracy Government ruled by religion.
Cuneiform A form of writing created by the Sumerians.
Mesopotamia One of the first civilizations in fertile crescent between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.
Hammurabi's Code Set of laws.
Phoenicians They developed an alphabet that we still use today.
Nile Longest River in the world.
Delta Fan shaped land at the mouth of the river.
Pharaoh King of the Egyptians
Polytheistic Belief in more than one god
Mummies Were embalmed and preserved for the afterlife.
Pyramids Tombs that belonged to pharaohs.
Hieroglyphics Egyptian form of picture writing.
Papyrus Egyptian paper made from reeds.
Scribes Egyptian royal officers who recorded government business.
Silt Small particles of rich soil.
Oasis A green area in a desert fed by underground water.
Aquifers Underground rock layers that store water.
Secular non religious
Strait of Gibralter separates Morocco and Spain.
Sinai Peninsula part of Egypt and borders Asia.
Suez Canal separates the Sinai Peninsula from the rest of Egypt.
Sahara Desert located in North Africa.
Poaching Illegal hunting of protected animals.
Cassava A plant whose roots are ground to make porridge.
Swahili African language spoken in Kenya.
Serengeti Plain Famous wildlife preserve located in Tanzania.
Sisal A plant fiber used to make rope.
Mt. Kilimanjaro Highest point in Africa, located in Tanzania/Kenya border.
Lake Victoria largest lake in Africa and source of the Nile River.
Clans Groups of related people.
Genocide Deliberate destruction of a group of people.
Savannas Tropical grasslands with few trees.
Tsetse Fly Causes Sleeping Sickness in East and Central countries.
Mangrove Tropical tree with roots that extend above and beneath the water.
Harmattan A dusty wind that blows south from the Sahara.
Desertification Where grasslands have become deserts.
Mansa Musa Famous king from Tombouctou, Mali who gave away his gold on a journey to Makkah.
Tuareg "Blue Men of the Desert" Nomadic people from the desert.
Namib Desert Located in southern Africa.
Cape of Good Hope Southern most point in Africa.
Boers Dutch settlers in South Africa.
Apartheid "Apartness" segregation in South Africa.
Nelson Mandela Peaceful protester and first black president of South Africa.
Townships Crowded neighborhoods outside of cities.
Enclaves Smaller countries located inside of larger countries.
Copper Belt An area of copper mines in Zambia.
Lake Malawi Holds over 500 fish species and over 400 orchid soecies.
Sorghum A tall grass used as grain and syrup.
Kalahari Desert Spreads over southwestern Botswana.
Exclave A small part of a country separated from the main part.
Cyclone Storm with heavy rains and circular winds.
North Africa Desert, Islam, Arabic, Berbers
Maghreb "The land farthest West." Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco
The Great Rift Valley Fault Line and lowlands in East Africa.
Kenya Masai, Mt. Kenya, animal preserves
Created by: plosawyer