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Phlebotomy equipment

Things needed for phlebotomy

LIGHT BLUE TOP HAS what additive? Sodium Citrate
SST tube has what chemical additive? No Additive but with a gel serum separator
Red top Tube has what chemical additive? No Additive
Green Top Tube has what chemical additive? Heparin
Lavander top tube has what chemical additive? EDTA
Grey top Tube has what chemical additives? K Oxylate & Na Flouride
Canary Yellow top tube ACD has what added? Acid Citrate Dextrose
Canary Yellow top SPS tube has what added? Nutrients for bacteria
What tests need sample to be protected from light? bilirubin, B vitamins
When do you not use a tourniquet? Lactic Acid test
What test sample is kept warm? Cold Agglutins
In which tube are coagulation studies collected? Light Blue top
In which tube is a CBC collected? Lavender top
In which tube are therapeutic drugs drawn? Red Top
In which tube are chemistries drawn? SST Tiger top
In which tube are glucose tests drawn Gray If by themselves
In which tube are serology tests drawn? SST
Which tube is selected for Ammonia tests? Green Top
Which tube is used for a legal alcohol test? gray top
Lactic acid test goes into what tube? gray
A paternity test goes into which tube? Canary yellow ACD
A blood culture to be transported is collected in what tube? Canary yellow SPS
What tests need to be iced? Ammonia immediately, Lactic Acid
How many light blue tubes are collected if drawn alone. 2. Discard 1st tube & it need not be full.
How long is appropriate for a tourniquet to be tied on a patient? 60 seconds.
True or False You can purchase and launder your own lab coat? FALSE
A stop watch (or second hand) is needed for which test? Bleeding Time
A device to perform a heel or finger stick is known as? Lancet
Gauze is used to do what for a venepuncture? Stop bleeding apply pressure
Can you draw blood from a newborn with a syringe? YES
Needle sticks to phlebotomists are usually by what device? winged infusion or butterfly
What gauge needle is the smallest to use for a venepuncture? 23, smaller needles will hemolyse blood cells
EDTA binds what in the blood? Calcium
What should you do if you observe a rash develop around the area where you apply the tourniquet? Remove and get a tourniquet of a different material. The patient may have a latex allergy.
Which test sample requires that you do not use a tourniquet? Lactic acid
True or False It is acceptable to place sample tubes in your lab coat pocket? True and may be helpful for samples that are light sensitive.
What test sample requires that it be chilled Ammonia
What test samples are sheltered from light? Bilirubin,
Which tube has to be filled completely? Light blue
Where are needles, slides, & lancets deposited? Sharps container
How many times can a sharps container be used? Once. Once the lid is closed it will not open again.
Where are soiled materials placed? Biohazard bags
Where are equipment packaging materials placed once opened? regular trash
What PPE is required for TB isolation rooms? Mask, gloves, gowns, caps, booties
A lancet greater than __ mm is not appropriate for infant heel sticks 2.5 mm
A tourniquet should not be left on the arm longer than? 1 minute
Bilirubin tests are collect in what tube? Amber red top to protect from light
How are ammonia samples handled? Ice then separate plasma from the cells within 20 minutes of collection and place in separate plastic tube and freeze. Store and transport frozen.
Separate plasma from cells within 15 minutes and place in separate plastic tube. If blood is drawn on chilled tubes and left on ice, specimen is good for up to 2 hours before centrifugation. Store and transport on ice or refrigerated. Lactic acid samples
Gray top has Sodium fluorite and Potassium oxylate. What does the Na fluorite do? Antiglycolytic agent
What is SPS Sodium polyanethol sulfonate for micro
Sed rates are ESR collected in what color tube top? Lavendar of Black
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