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Phlebotomy law

Basic Legal need to know

Who wrote the Patients Bill of Rights (PBR)? President Clinton
When did the PBR go into effect? 1997
What act prevents violation of confidentiality? HIPAA
Who regulates workplace safety OSHA
Who is responsible for training and associated costs? Employer
Civil Law Compensation is ? Money
Criminal Law is between the State & whom? A Person
Administrative Law is between a person & whom? Employer
If guilty of a Criminal law you may have to ? go to jail and or pay fines
What are the 4 elements of Neglect? Establish Duty, Breach of Duty, Injury, Proximate cause due to Breach of Duty
Malpractice is charged on whom? A licensed professional
Neglect is charged on whom? Unlicensed Professional
Turning the care of a patient over to a less qualified person is termed? Abandonment
Creating apprehension or performing unauthorized handling and treatment of a patient is termed? Assault
The physical contact with a person without his or her consent and without legal justification is termed? Battery
Created by: Ladybug9537