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Phlebotomy Acronymns

Phlebotomy Acronymns & Terminology

OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Association
DHS-LFS Department of Health Services Laboratory Field Services
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act
BOM Board of Medicine
CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
PBR Patients Bill of Rights
NCCLS National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards
JCAHO Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Health care Organizations
Na Sodium
K Potassium
Cl Chloride
Pb Lead
HG Mercury
NH4 Ammonia
OPIM Other Potentially Infectious Materials
PPE Personal Protective Equipment
BSI Body Substance Isolation
UP Universal Precautions
BT Bleeding Time
PT Prothrombin Time
PTT Partial Thromboplastin Time
FDP Fibrin Degradation Products
FSP Fibrin Split Products
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
HBV Hepatitis B Virus (A/C)
TB Tuberculosis
SST Serum Separator Tube
EDTA Ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetic acid
CBC Complete Blood Count
Hct Hematocrit
Hgb Hemoglobin
MCV Mean Corpuscular Volume
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
ACD Acid Citrate Dextrose
ETOH Ethanol (drinking alcohol)
NPO Nothing by mouth
prn as needed
bid twice a day
pp post prandial
qid four times a day
qh every hour
NA NotApplicable
PO by mouth
Rx prescription or treatment
Dorsal back
Lateral sides away from midline
supine laying down
Anterior Front
Posterior back
Medial The mid-dline of the body
cehpalic head
basilic bottom
HBV Hepatitis B Virus
HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus
TB Tuberculosis
AIDS Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome
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