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Med Terminology


Larynx aka- voice box, contains the structure that makes vocal sound possible..short passage that joins the pharynx with the trachea
Palatine Tonsils aka- tonsils.. located in the oropharynx.. protects the opening of the respiratory tract from microscopic organisms.
Adenoids aka- pharyngeal tonsils.. located within the nasopharynx.. is a collection of lymphatic tissue
Nasal Cavity A chamber lined with mucous membranes & tiny hairs (cilia).. Divided into 2 cavities by the nasal septum.
Pharynx Serves as a passage way for food & air.. Consists of 3 sections.. nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngophraynx
Where is the nasopharynx located ? posterior to the nose
Where is the oropharynx loccated ? posterior to the mouth
Where is the laryngophraynx located ? superior to the larynx
Epiglottis seals off the air passage to the lungs during swallowing
Trachea aka- windpipe.. composed of smooth muscle embedded with C-shaped rings of cartilidge which provide rigidity to keep the passage open.
How many branches does the trachea have ? 2. Bronchi. which leads to the left & right lungs
What does each bronchus divide into smaller branches, eventually forming ? Bronchioles
The tiny sacs where bronchioles terminate are called Alveoli
How many lobes are the lungs divided into ? 5..
How many lobes are in the right lung ? 3
How many lobes are in the left lung ? 2
The space between the left and right lungs is called ? mediastinum
Created by: smurphy2012