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6 social studies

6th grade social studies/ancient civilations part 1

Who was King Phillip? Alexander the Great's father.
Who was Justinian, and what was he famous for? Justinian was the emperor of Byzantine and he was famous for the Justinian Law code. His wife, Theodora, was an incredibly powerful women. She was empress and ruled the kingdom at his side.
What is Octavian's other name and what was he the first of in Rome? Augustus was the first Roman Emperor.
Who did Pope Gregory the VII execute? King Phillip.
Who was Muhammad? The prophet of Islam. He was forced to leave Mecca by greedy merchants who did not want to give away their money. He died in 622. He spread Islam all around the world. He believed in equality. Every year, around 2,000 Muslims make the Hajj to Mecca.
What did Alexander the Great do by age 32? Conquer most of the world.
What was Hammurabi famous for? The Hammurabi law code. He made written laws very important.
Random Question: What is the capitol of California? Sacramento
Created by: vkordrupel