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History Dates 1

World History Dates Semester 1

Neolithic Revolution 10,000 BCE
Egyptian Civilization 3100 BCE- 27 BC (death of Cleopatra)
Greek Persian Wars 490 BCE (Battle of Marathon, Salamis)(Thermopylae 480 BCE)
Ch'in's reign in China (China becomes China) 276 BCE
Punic Wars 264 BCE (midpoint)
death of Julius Caesar 44 BCE
Fall of Rome 476 CE (1000 BCE- 500 CE, 1500 years)
Muhammad's flight to Medina (hegira) 622 CE (died 632)
Battle of Tours 732 CE
Charlemagne's crowning by the Pope 800 CE
The Great Schism (also know as the East- West Schism)
Battle of Hastings 1066
Crusades 1100-1300 CE
Gempei Wars (Japan) 1180-85
Signing of the Magna Carta 1215 CE
Conquests of Mongolians 1200-1400
Hundred Years War 1337-1453 (England and France)
Mansa Musa Reign in Mali begins 1307
Zheng He Voyages begin 1405
Byzantine Empire (fall of) 1453 (sige of Constantinople by the Ottomans)
Columbus discovers San Salvador 1492 (also ending the Reconquista; Granda falls to Christian forces)
Martin Luther posts 95 thesis 1517
Battle of Lepanto 1571
Death of Queen Elizabeth 1603
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