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Key terms and questions 13-4

What was the Babylonian Captivity? The period of exile of the pope. The pope moved from Rome to France
Jan Hus The leader of the Czech reform movement in Bohemia.
What is the result of the Babylonian Captivity? Popes were more focused on power than religion. French kings might control the pope.
Pilgrimages Journeys to holy places
Bohemia a region near Germany, homeland of the Czechs
What was the Great Schism? The separation within the church because there were too many popes
Who was involved in the Great Schism? Pope Gregory XI
Who was John Wycliffe? an English reformer who disliked three things about the church
What 3 things did John Wycliffe not like about the church? Wealth Corruption The popes claim to total authority
What did Wycliffe's followers criticize about the church? Destroyed Icons Made fun of the Masses Ate communion bread with onions to show it was justnormal bread
heretic someone who goes against the church
Why did people want to reform the church? fees for church services Simony- the selling of church positions rich lifestyle of the clergy
Created by: Jdawg8SS