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Social stud. ch6 1-2

chapter 6 lesson 1-2

Hebrews founded a new idea of religion called_________. monotheism
monotheism is____. the concept of one God.
The stories of the ancient Hebrews are found in the______. Torah
The Torah is the______. the oldest book of the Jewish people.
The Torah is part of the hebrew bible, called the______. Tanakh
The first _____ books in the Torah are also in the_______. The first 5 books of the Torah, also in the old testament of the Christian bible.
The story of the Hebrews started with______. Abram (later on changed name to Abraham)
Abraham lived in____________, where people believed in multiple gods. Mesopotamia
According to the Hebrew bible, God spoke to Abram, telling him to leave and go to, _______________________. Canaan
Once traveling through the desert, Abram heard God say,"I will assign this___________ offspring." " I will assign this land to your offspring."
God made a_____, with Abram covenant
A covenant is a_____________. A special agreement
God promised Canaan would aways be their land, and Abram promised___________________. to worship God alone
Abram changed his name to Abraham, meaning_____________. means (father of many)
Abraham had a son_________. Isaac
Isaac had a son named________, who became known as Israel. Jacob
Jacob had 12 sons, he loved________, more than the others Joseph
The other son's became so jealous when Jacob gave Joseph a ________. multicolored robe
Next, Joseph had a dream that_____________. That one day his brothers would bow down to him.
In anger his brothers_______ to _______. sold him to Egypt
His brothers let their father believe that_________ killed Joseph. a wild animal
Joseph became the Pharaoh's trusted adviser. At this time a______, struck Canaan and traveled to__________ to____. A famine struck Canaan. Joseph's brothers came to Egypt to buy food, grain.
They reunited and later the entire family moved there. The Pharaoh later ________________, in fear they,_________. later enslaved the Israelites in fear they might gain too much power
God told_______, to demand freedom for his people. Moses
Moses did so, but the Pharaoh said no and God______. sent the 10 plagues, or disasters
Finally the Pharaoh agreed and the ______, began. Exodus
Exodus means_______. a large movement of people
for_____ years they wandered on the______ peninsula, along the______. 40 years on the Sinai peninsula along the Red Sea
On Mount_____, God spoke to Moses and gave him the_____. Mount Sinai, the Ten Commandments
Jacobs 12 sons became_________. became the first 12 tribes of Israel
In conflict a ____________ took power for a short period of time. Judge
Without a king they had trouble fighting attackers, so they decided they needed________. a king
The Israelites asked_____, to appoint a king. Samuel
Reluctantly he chose______. Saul
Except for the Philistines, Saul defeated many enemies, but he did not follow Gods commandments and_______. soon died in war
_________, tribe of Judah, became king. David
David, being a strong leader, expanded the kingdom from_______, to __________. Egypt to Mesopotamia
David's conquered city of _________, became the capital. Jerusalem
It did not belong to any single tribe, making it a good capital. Jerusalem was a good choice
for another_______, years Divid's descendants ruled. 400 years
After 40 years of ruling, his son __________, became king. Solomon
He made a temple to put the____________. Ten Commandments
This temple was called_______. "The Temple."
Solomon made many building projects, all funded by______. heavy taxes
Solomon organized the kingdom in__________. 12 tax district
The Torah was the_______. law of the land
This economy performed well, with trade agreements with______ and__________, giving food for the wood needed for the building projects. Phoenicia and Egypt
One powerful women,________, acted as a judge. Deborah
Proverbs are_______. short sayings that express a truth about life.
Solomon was know for his______. Proverbs
Not everyone was happy, people faced___________. high taxes, forced labor, and a king who didn't seem to care.
When Solomon died, the kingdom seemed to be______. falling apart.
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