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Assessment 4

Social Scientists- Black Death

Studies systems of government Formulates public policy proposals Analyzes election polls and results Political Scientists
Historians rely on primary sources because these sources Provide an eyewitness account of events
What is the difference between an opinion versus a fact? A fact can be proven or verified an opinion can not
Which two nations are archipelagoes? Japan & Philipines
An example of a primary source is An eyewitness account, a journal, a diary, a letter, personal correspondence
A geographic similarity between Italy and India is that both of these countries are located on Peninsulas
A geographer studies how location influences people
The topography of Ancient Greece was Mountains
Athens were known as Birthplace of Democracy
Spartans were known to have Strict Military state
Which European historical periods are in the proper chronological order? Renaissance, Roman Empire, Middle Ages, Ancient Greece Ancient Greece ,Roman Empire ,Middle Ages, Renaissance
The term monsoons can be defined as Seasonal winds
Why is Southeast Asia considered a crossroads? A number of trade routes intersect.
When we go from Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers and Domesticate plants and animals is called The Neolithic Revolution
An eye for an eye, Tooth for a tooth Code of Hammurabi
Which region was the birthplace of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism? Asia
The Golden Age of India's Gupta Empire is known for its Math and medicine
Ghana, Mali and Songhai are African Trading Kingdoms, Gold & Salt
The agriculture techniques that the Bantu people used Slash and Burn techniques
What the Bantu people spread throughout Africa? Their language
The eightfold path goes with which Belief system Buddhism
3 Monotheistic Beliefs are Judaism, Christianity, Islam
Two beliefs everything in nature has spirits Shintoism & Animism
Filial Piety Confucianism
Define Feudalism Land is exchange for military service & protection
Preserved Greek & Roman Culture Byzantine Empire
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