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Reproductive summit

Amenorrhea Absence of menstrual flow
Dysmenorrhea Menstrual cramp
Menorrhagia Excessive bleeding
Metrorrhagia Uterine bleeding between regular menstrual period or after menopause..
Menopause Is a phase of the aging process of women and men who are making a transition from reproductive phase to non reproductive
Male climateric Decrease in testosterone level
Erectile dysfunction Is a man ability to attain or maintain an erect a pens that allow satisfactory sexual performance
Infertility Inability to conceive after a year of intercourse...
Simple vaginitis Condition may be bacterial or inflammatory
Cervicitis Inflammation of the cervix
Pelvic inflammatory disease PID is any acute subacute recurrent or chronic infection that may involved the cervix ..
Toxic Shock syndronw Is an acute bacterial infection o,caused by staphylococcus aureus.. if tampon is left in place too long.. the bacteria may proliferate and release toxin..
Endometriosis Condition in which endometrial tissue appear outside the residential cavity
Vagina fistula Abnormal opening between two organ
Uterine prolapse Considered mild if cervix drop to a lower vaginal segment.....
Leiomyomas of the uterus Benign tumor of the female genital tract
Cancer of the female reproductive tract Overian cancer is largely silent the is symptom free until late in its progression...
Cancer of the Cervix Increase risk are those with sexual partners and of lower socioeconomic status
Cancer of endometrium Increase risk are those with a family history of uterine cancer..
Cancer of the ovary fifth most common cause of cancer death in women. Usually Spread by peritoneal seeding of the cancer cells.
Vaginal Hystectomy Typically done for a prolapsed uterus. Does not required an abdominal incision, which facilitates recovery.
Fibrocystic Breast Condition Benigh tumor of the breast
Chronic Mastitis Tends to develops in women between 30 and 50 of age. A traumatic blow to the breast causes the fat to necrose in the areas and form abscesses. Treatment is the same as for acute mastitis. The disorder is generally unilateral and benign and most frequent
Cancer of the breast Second most common. one of eight american women . The cause is unknown and it might be hormonal cause.
Prostatitis inflammation or infection of the prostate gland
Epididymitis is an infection of the cordlike excretory duct of the testicle usually aureus, E Coli, gonorrhene.
Phimosis and paraphimosis is a condition in which the prepuce. Inability to return retracted foreskin over the organ of the penis as a result of the edema
Hydrocele is an accumulation of fluid between the two layers of the tunica vaginalis. The scrotum slowly enlarges as the fluid accummulates.
Cancer of the testis common in white men. Develop from embroynic germ cells but uncommon in general.
Cancer of the Penis it is rare. appear at age 50. appear when not good hygience, circumcised. Tumor is painless and wartlike.
Genital Herpes is an infectious viral disease characterized by recurrent episodes of acutes, painful erythematous, vesicular.
Syphilis is the third most frequent. may be spread sexual contact during primary, secondary, and latent stage. Organism thrives in the warm parts of the body and can be destroyed by soap and water.
Gonorrhea caused by Neisseria gonorrheae, a gram negative disploccoid bacterium, and almost exclusively follow sexual contact.
Trichomoniasis is a STI caused by the protozoan. The incubation period is 4 to 28 days. usually
Candidiasis is a mild fungal infection that appears in men and women. part of the normal flora of the mouth, skin, and vagina.
Chlamydia a Gram negative intracellular bacterium, cause seeral common STI. Women more than Men.
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