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Hitt 1211 Chapter 7

In the edit chart evaluation item window users can define criteria specifications by which of the following? All of these: Gender, Age, Diagnoses
In which of the following areas of SpringCharts are all ordered tests sent to? Pending Test
Which of the following terms typically contains the medical office's most common procedure and diagnosis codes and descriptions for the purposes of recording the physician's selection and billing? Superbill
What does the abbreviation NGC represent? National Guideline Clearinghouse
Under which menu of the OV screen is the Care Plan feature accessed? Tools
Which of the following is automatically added to the test order before it is printed? Diagnosis from office visit
Using SpringCharts EHR, how does the provider order tests that must be performed at an outside testing facility? CPOE
Which of the following features is used to define criteria to search patient charts for health needs and screenings? Chart Evaluation
Which feature helps the physician to determine the correct evaluation and management code for office visit encountered? E&M Coder
Which of the following is an EHR integrated system designed to assist physicians and other healthcare professionals with evidence-based decision making concerning patient healthcare using clinical databases? Clinical Decision Support
Once the provider has created a patient instruction sheet, what option does the provider have to get the document to the patient? The patient may receive a printed copy or instruction via e-mail
The chart evaluation feature helps support which of the following? All of these: Disease management, routine preventive healthcare standards, wellness healthcare standards
In which of the following locations of the office visit note will the clinician record the patient's blood pressure and weight? Vitals Tab
Which of the following are specific documents that guide all individuals involved with a patient's care, outlining the appropriate treatment to insure the optimal outcome? Care Plans
The ONC requires all certified EHR programs to be able to identify educational resources that are patient-specific based on which of the following? All of these: Diagnoses, Procedures, Medications
What is another name for Care Plans? Practice Guidelines
Which of the following is a preventative check-up to test for or inoculate against significant diseases? Wellness Screenings
Which of the following allows users to attach documents to patient charts? Import File Cabinet Document
Which of the following must the user do before saving a new patient instruction sheet? Assign a title
In which of the following locations of the office visit note will the clinician record the patient's symptoms and complaints? [cc] tab
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