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Useful Vocabulary for Gandhi

caste system a system of dividing Indian society into classes of social status that each person inherits from his/her family.
civil rights the rights of citizens to have political and social freedom and equality.
ashram a place for religious living or creating a special community. Originated in India in the Hindu tradition.
non-cooperation refusing to obey a law or policy as a way to protest.
civil disobedience refusing to obey certain laws to pay taxes and fines, as a form of peaceful political protest.
strike when workers refuse to work, in order to protest against rules made by their employers.
boycott refusing to buy something as a form of protest. Also, refusing to obey a policy or take part in an event as a form of protest.
untouchables people outside the caste system, with very low social status.
segregation the enforced separation of different racial groups in a country or community.
apartheid a system of racial segregation or discrimination in South Africa.
miner a person who works in a mine to find metal and minerals underground.
indigo a tropical plant used to create a dark blue dye.
sedition speech or action that encourages people to rebel against the rulers of a country or place.
partition dividing a country into separate parts.
passive resistance nonviolent opposition to authority, especially a refusal to cooperate with legal requirements.
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