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Africa 3.3 Culture

Ethnic Group group of people who share a common culture history, common ancestry, language, religion, traditions, beliefs, holidays, food, etc
Religious Group group of people who share a belief system. They believe in the same god (or gods) and have common sacred text with a specific set of rules about how to live
Arabs Live mostly in northern Africa and speak Arabic and most practice Islam
Ashanti believe in animism and the Golden Stool, found mostly in Ghana, West Africa, and speak 'Asante', or 'Twi'.
animism the belief that natural physical entities, including animals, plants, and features of the earth, have a spiritual essence.
Bantu made up of 400 ethnic groups found throughout central and southern parts of the continent, mostly practice Islam, but some practice Christianity or animism.
Bantu Migration one of the largest movements of people in Africa's history and intermingled and accepted other traditions and cultures.
Swahili inhabit the southern coast of East Africa, in Kenya, Tanzania, & Mozambique. Practice mostly Islam. Name means "one who lives on the coast".
Islam Most African cultures practice this religion.
Traditional Religion Characteristics include Creation stories Kings are seen as gods, ancestor worship, rituals including art, music, fire, dance, food, drink, charms and amulets.
Amulets an ornament or small piece of jewelry thought to give protection against evil, danger, or disease.
Arabic Language of Arab culture & necessary in order to practice Islam.
Akan Religion A religion deeply rooted in the Ashanti culture that teaches that plants and animals have souls and should be respected. they also believe in witches and forest monsters.
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