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SOL 2-4

Who emerged in East Africa between 100,000 - 400,000 years ago? HOMO SAPIENS
Homo Sapiens ________________ from Africa to Eurasia, Australia and the Americas MIGRATED
Early Humans were hunter gatherers whose survival depended on the availability of _______________ WILD PLANTS AND ANIMALS
Paleolithic means... OLD STONE AGE
Paleolithic people were nomads who followed the ______________. FOOD
Early Humans invented the first tools, created the first cave art, and learned how to make and use _________ to stay warm, cook their food, and ward off predators. FIRE
Early Humans lived in ________, developed an __________ language and created ____________ art CLANS / ORAL / CAVE
Societies during the Neolithic (New Stone Age) domesticated what two things? PLANTS AND ANIMALS
Who studies past culture by locating and analyzing human remains, settlements, fossils and artifacts ARCHAEOLOGISTS
What is a scientific test used to date and analyze fossils and artifacts? CARBON DATING
What is an example of an archaeological site in England started during the Neolithic and finished during the Bronze Age? STONEHENGE
What two cities are examples of early cities in the Fertile Crescent? ALEPPO AND JERICHO
What is an example of a Neolithic settlement currently under excavation in Anatolia? CATALHOYUK
Which river valley civilization took place in the Tigris and Euphrates River Valley? MESOPOTAMIAN
Which river valley civilization took place in the Nile River Valley and Nile Delta? EGYPTIAN
Which river valley civilization took place in the Indus River Valley (South Asia)? INDIAN
Which river valley civilization took place in the Huang He Valley (East Asia)? CHINESE
River valleys offered rich __________ and irrigation ___________ SOIL / WATER
The River valleys tended to be in locations easily protected from _______________ by nomads INVASIONS
Who settled between the Mediterranean Sea and Jordan River and practiced Judaism? HEBREWS
Who settled along the Mediterranean coast and were known for trading on the sea and a first form of alphabet? PHOENICIANS
What civilization was located on the Nile River south of Egypt in Africa? NUBIAN
Most early civilizations had a rigid class system where ____________ was accepted but was not based on race. SLAVERY
____________________ rulers passed their titles to their children. HEREDITARY
Early civilizations had hereditary rulers such as as kings or ______________ in Egypt PHARAOHS
City-states, kingdoms and empires are all examples of the world's first ... STATES
Centralized governments were often based on ___________________ authority. RELIGIOUS
Written by a Babylonian king, it was one of the world's first law codes. Included "an eye for an eye" HAMMURABI'S CODE
Hebrews followed the ______________________________ and believed they were given to Moses by God. "Thou shalt not..." 10 COMMANDMENTS
The first two types of metal for tools and weapons were... BRONZE and IRON
Most early civilizations believed in many gods or... POLYTHEISM
The Hebrews were the first group of people to believe in only one God or... MONOTHEISM
_____________________ is considered the founder of Judaism ABRAHAM
____________________ led the Jews out of Egypt. MOSES
The holy city of Judaism is... JERUSALEM
The written records and beliefs of the Jews is called the ... TORAH (first 5 books of the Old Testament)
The Jewish people spread away from their homeland. This spreading out, which helped spread Judaism, was called DIASPORA
The earliest written languages were symbols collectively known as ... PICTOGRAMS
The writing of Ancient Egyptians is called... HIEROGLYPHICS
The writing of Ancient Sumerians on clay tablets is called... CUNEIFORM
Built on earlier central Asian and Mesopotamian civilizations, __________ developed the largest empire in the world PERSIA
Persians believed in ______________ of their conquered people. They basically let people do their own thing. TOLERANCE
The Persians constructed the ______________________________ system for trade and travel. It helped the army move quickly throughout the empire. ROYAL ROAD
The religion of the Persians with a belief in two opposing forces (good vs evil) in the universe was called.. ZOROASTRIANISM
What two mountain ranges and one body of water made it difficult to invade the Indian Civilization HINDU KUSH / HIMALAYAS / INDIAN OCEAN
The most important two rivers in the Indus River Valley were the ... INDUS AND GANGES
The two most important cities in the Indus River Valley were ... HARAPPA and MOHENJO-DARO
What group of people crossed into the Indian subcontinent from the North and brought in the Caste system, a social class system that would influence all social actions and occupations? ARYANS
Which Empire spread Buddhism with ASOKA, had free hospitals, good roads and veterinary clinics? MAURYAN
What was the Golden Age of the Indian Civilization that included setting of bones, CONCEPT OF ROUND EARTH, CONCEPT OF ZERO, textiles and literature? GUPTA
What Indian religion has many forms of one God? HINDUISM
What is rebirth based on karma? REINCARNATION
What is knowledge that all thoughts and actions result in future consequences? KARMA
Hinduism was spread on trade routes and two of its holy texts are... VEDAS and UPANISHADS
Who founded Buddhism? SIDDHARTHA GAUTAMA
Whose missionaries and writings spread Buddhism from India to China and other parts of Asia? ASOKA
What is another name for the Huang He River? YELLOW RIVER
Settlements from the North kept invading China so Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi built the... GREAT WALL OF CHINA
The ________________ facilitated trade between China all the way to the Mediterranean SILK ROAD
An organized system of hiring government workers was created in China. It was known as the... CIVIL SERVICE SYSTEM
Chinese people had to pass the ____________________________ to be eligible for office. CIVIL SERVICE EXAM
The three main items of trade from China were... PAPER, PORCELAIN AND SILK
What Chinese religion believed humans are good, respect for elders, ancestor worship and a code of politeness? CONFUCIANISM
Another religion created in China was called ______________. It had a focus on nature,simple life, inner peace and humility. TAOISM
This symbol represents both the good and bad (dark and light) or the opposites for both Taoism and Buddhism. YIN AND YANG
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