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Muscle Wkness Diff

Stack #24939

Differential DxFindings
UMN Signs Spasticity, Hyper-reflexia, Clonus, Babinski Sign
LMN Signs Less Muscle Tone, Atrophy, hypo-reflexia, Areflexia, Fasciculations
Extra- and Intramedullary Spinal Cord Problems, or Intracranial Just UMN
Epidural hematoma, abscess, or metastasis; herniated disc, osteophytic ridge, dural tumor Extramedullary S.C.
myelitis, myelopathy, tumor, trauma, vascular, degen, congen, Intramedullary S.C.
Neurological, Muscular, Vascular, other systemic Muscle Weakness
ALS, B12 defic, Friedreich's ataxia, tabes dorsalis, conus lesions Both UMN & LMN
Peripheral Neuropathy, Anterior horn problems, cauda equina, radiculopathy, plexopathy Just LMN
Anterior Horn spinal muscular atrophy, poliovirus
Cauda Equina herniated disc, spinal stenosis, herpes simplex 2, tumor
radiculopathy herniated disc, herpes zoster/varicella, diabetes, tumor
plexopathy tumor, radiation, diabetes, trauma
Myastenia gravis, eaton-lambert synd, botulism, drugs, myopathies, dystrophies Neither UMN/LMN
hyper/hypothyroid, poly- or dermatomyositis, steroids Acquired (creatine kinase test, thyroid studies, EMG, and biopsy)
Duchenne, Becker MD X-linked myopathies
Myotonic, fascioscapulo, oculopharyngeal MDs, or congen myopathy Autosomal Dominant myopathies
Limb Girdle MD, Glycogen Disorders, lipid disorders Autosomal recessive myopathies
Mitochondrial myopathies Maternal inherited myopathies
Created by: marnold