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Ancient Greece


what type of landform was mainland greece? peninsula
what other type of landform was part of greece? island
what two geographic features discouraged greek unity? mountains, seas
what do historians think might have caused the minoan civilization to collapse? undersea earthquakes or invaders destroyed city
what three rights did greek citizens have that americans have today? they had the right to vote, hold office, own property, and defend themselves in court
what type if government did sparta have? oligarchy
why did the spartans stress military training? they feared that helots might someday rebel
in sparta, who enforced the laws and managed tax collection? the ephors
what type of government did athens have? democracy (direct)
how was athens different from sparta? athenians believed in freedom and knowledge while spartans believed in conquering city states and the military
who were the two kings of persia who fought battles against the greeks? darius, xerxes
what was the religion of persia? zoroastrianism
why did the persians fight with the greeks? they wanted to control greece
who fought in the battle of marathon? persians, athenians
who won the battle of marathon? athens
what started the fight? why? king darius didnt like athens interfering and trying to stop the persians from taking control of greece
who did athens ask for help? what happened? athens asked sparta for help but they were celbrating a religious festival and wouldnt come and fight until the full moon was over
what does thermopylae mean in greek? hot gates
what two kings fought each other? what sides were they on? king xerxes of persia and king leonidas of sparta
how did this battle outcome help future battles? they lost but this gave athens enough time to assemble 200 ships for the battle at salamis
who was the athenian general who allowed lower class male citizens to run for public office? pericles
who fought eachother in the peloponnesian war? athens and sparta
what caused the peloponnesian war? as the athenian empire grew rich and powerful, other city states grew suspicious of its aims
direct democracy people gather at mass meeting to discuss government matters, every citizen votes firsthand on laws and politics
representative democracy citizens choose smaller groups to make laws and governmental decisions on their behalf, woks better with a large population, citizens with voting rights can vote for or against the officials who make the laws
Created by: 9oscar9